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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 29, 2020 3:00am-7:00am PST

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recorded it based on scientific studies of dogs reactions to sound. there you go. and that's how fox reports this saturday november 28th, 2020 i'm jon scott see you again tomorrow ♪. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ pete: good morning. welcome to fox and friends. it is sunday november 29th, 2020 the year of our lord. it is early. i'm barely here. will cain, jedediah bila. good to see you. jedediah: good morning, once again to see you here. i here the early morning voice.
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sometimes we start gravelly, then we east into it. we hope you have your breakfast in hand. will: my man told me hit the snooze button one too many times. he is not yet to the mountain dew, the first energy drink of the day. i know this is slow morning for pete hegseth. pete: i go up to my office during one of the commercial breaks to get my mountain dew. will: i know your routine. pete: it wasn't going to happen. the alarm went off. i said not today. here we are. will: here is it what we're following several big stories. covid-19 cases spread from team to team. first the denver broncos in unprecedented jam after all of its quarter back are declared ineligible today for the game today with the saints. one of the quarterbacks tested positive.
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pete: the baltimore ravens have 18 players on the coach cove reserve lives. the game against the steelers is in more doubt but scheduled for tuesday night. jedediah: san francisco 49ers faces its own issue after county imposed ban on contact sports. they are working own a plan b for the game monday. will: the team is asking all persons to scrap in person activities tomorrow and tuesday. this is not, at times it can be a sports show. this show shows you one of the biggest, really, most important cultural signifiers, biggest companies in our nation being pushed to its limits. this is on a heavy-handed way of handling the story, really what we're seeing is one of the businesses of our country pushed to its limits. on a more light angle to the story. who plays quarterback in denver? look at this, the possible starting quarterbacks for denver broncos, a kendall hilton, a
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rookie wide receiver or their third stripping running back. they will literally field a squad on fox against the new orleans saints on your screen. pete: we could have put your picture. i know you don't have a depth of football knowledge, jeb, you will appreciate this. people will watch the game. i will watch the game. this is rookie practice squad receiver, the number three running back taking snaps. i would like, jed, there is both of them right there. i don't know if you switch your offense? do you run an option offense. a bunch of -- all wildcat. will: on 24 hours notice. jedediah, it is not just the broncos. the ravens are literally having trouble figuring out how to field a team as 18 players test positive. the san francisco 49ers are currently homeless, santa clara county says no contact sports starting tomorrow. for the next three weeks where
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do the 49ers play? anyone's guess. jedediah: a lot is up in the air. real challenging for the teams to figure out, not only for people that tested positive. you have to factor in people who may have been in contact with someone who tested positive. then even a third tier, people who have been in contact with individuals who may have been in a high-risk situation. for example, if they were away on thanksgiving and multiple households were together, are they now considered high-risk. teams are factoring a lot of this in. it will be really interesting for fans to see as you're saying, new people on the field, new positions. playing in different locations and their efforts to try to adapt to the situation have been really interesting. pete: to your third-string quarterback that had it. everyone close to him don't necessarily have it. tayson hill is on the field. they have no quarterbacks on the team. call peyton manning, tim tebow. john elway.
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will: one of us. pete: if we weren't able to do the show today who would you call? i would call tucker. tucker used to be on "fox & friends weekend." he hasn't done "fox & friends weekend" for many years. will: john elway of the show. pete: you bring someone who knows the playbook even though they haven't done it for a while. will: been in the game more recently then elway. just saying. >> i love it bring in the seasoned people. we're following another big story. president trump is promising to fight the vote counts in wisconsin and pennsylvania. the president claiming his legal team has evidence, quote of many illegal ballots. kevin work live in washington with what happens next. reporter: good to be with you guys. another sad fact, yes, another appeal to come for the trump campaign. take you to twitter, show you what the president has to say about what is going on in the keystone state, the great commonwealth of pennsylvania. he says this.
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a number of ballots that our campaign is challenging, is far larger than the 81,000 vote margin. it is not even close. fraud and illegality are a big part of the case. documents being completed. we will appeal. the argument changes of certain laws in pennsylvania were in violation of federal statutes. the high court said such allegations should have been brought sooner not to disenfranchise millions of pennsylvania voters. pennsylvania's attorney general josh shapiro, a democrat said this, we just notched another win for democracy, the pennsylvania supreme court has dismissed the suit that was attempting to throw out the votes of 2.5 million pennsylvanians and halt certification. now, to be fair, while that was not flagged by twitter that is not exactly true. it wasn't about throwing out the votes of 2.5 million pennsylvanians. that said, trump campaign lawyer jenna ellis said this on twitter. she said this litigation is a
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fight for the very integrity of our entire system. article ii. so that fight will continue first in the appeals court, very likely the high court. don't forget we have something very special coming up later on today. it is the president's conversation exclusively with maria bartiromo, "sunday morning futures." we hope everyone at home will watch that. guys, back to you. will: thanks so much, kevin. kevin mentioned where the fight continues. one of the first places the fight will continue, one of the first places this week the fight will continue is in the political process as kevin mentioned. in arizona the trump campaign will meet with arizona state legislators as the argument becomes state legislators should vacate certifying the vote, move to appointing trump friendly electors. back to the legal fight. we talked about this yesterday, act 77, it lost last night in the pennsylvania supreme court. my understanding that the court argued this needed to be brought within 180 days of when that law
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was made. when the law allowed massive mail-in balloting was passed, not in the court's argument after the election resulted come in. pete: my understanding that time frame is arbitrary. so the supreme court may have a different view. sean par nell, a candidate outside of pittsburgh talking about this particular case. he will be on later on in the program. ultimately they expected the pennsylvania supreme court to shoot it down. it has a different orientation than the u.s. supreme court. they want it to go to the u.s. supreme court. at which point ultimately whether it is that case or the case of observers they feel like the selection of electors should go to the state legislature which woe choose to appoint joe biden electors, donald trump electors or no electors. it has a future on the impact of the race. will: we have sean on the show shortly. political process we'll have a pennsylvania state legislator on
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in just a moment to talk about that electoral process. whether or not state legislators would be persuaded to move towards donald trump, jedediah. jedediah: yeah. i mean i don't know how the supreme court will ultimately rule on that with respect to act 77. i think their big challenge, i have a feeling it will not be successful, the challenge, and the reason is, it was over a year between the enactment of act 77 when this was brought to court t was after the votes not only had people voted but the votes were tallied and the state was close to certification. the argument a lot of people voted, they felt they were doing the proper thing. they were told this mail-in balloting was okay. they voted. they made their voices heard and now could their votes be invalidated based on a process they thought was completely legal and completely normal, and they were simply following the rules, simply because the someone decided to bring this to court days away from certification. that is why the timing is so key. if there was an issue and legal
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problem with universal mail-in balloting why not say no right after it was enacted? what it looks like now unfortunately it has become political and a legal team didn't like the results of an election, suddenly had an issue with it, brought it to the court late, that is the problem. the supreme court well have a big challenge in front of it. i don't know how it will rule on this particular issue. i have a feel invalidating a lot of people's votes particularly no fraud was found. another judge weigh in, judge aacht i may be saying his name wrong, i apologize if i mispronounced that. there is no allegation there was mail-in ballot fraud. what was the basis to throw this out? that is a lot of questions the supreme court has to play into this issue and it is complex. pete: the trump team were not able to observe hundreds of thousands of ballots not just in pennsylvania but across the country. with the counting paused overnight, there is a lot to
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raise issue about that there is lot to talk about this morning and we will. down ballot from the president, house of representatives, the democrats were confident in california and across the country they would maintain majority and grow it. the opposite happened even more quickly. remember this, ted ted liu, demt from california, this is something our producers worked hard for us. dear nrcc good luck to congressional candidates in california. a little bit of sarcasm. they listened. another race flipped in california. it was called for a former gop rep david velatto beating david cox. total number of seats in california to three, a fourth likely to flip, 13 nationwide. 13 races flipped on behalf of republicans. will, that is not a blue wave. will: it is not what ted lieu
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predicted. it is not the destruction of the republican congressional candidates that was anticipated in fact. it is exact opposite. which tells you underneath this presidential election there are big warning signs, big warning signs of democrats. complete rejection whatever issue you think was the motivating factor. defund the police, black lives matter, whatever issue you think voters were voting on, the economy a complete rejection of the democratic party as platform the here is burgess owe witness one of the red wave if you will, congressman-elect, congressman wants to put together a freedom force to counteract the squad if you will on the left. watch this. >> it is interesting because we have a group of people came in, we're very, very diverse, different backgrounds, colors, races the whole bit, what we all share in common is our love for our country. what is nice about the freshman team. i have to thank the american people across the country. it is a message for america's
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people we want to get back to basics. we love our nation. this group will be talking again, giving a contrast to the hard left. the freedom force versus the squad. jedediah: congressman-elect burgess owens will come up on the show in a little bit. he heard nicole malliotakis coming out, using similar language, a freedom squad, allusion to that, you will have newly-elected congressman and women on the gop side feel they need to be a strong counterbalance to the aoc hard left-wing of democratic party. interesting how they market it to the people and what their priority issues. pete: wield talk to burgess, i don't think he played quarterback, we'll ask him if he needs to play quarterback if there are no quarterbacks on the roster. manhunt on for a person killed two teens.
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the family described as brothers were shopping in the mall in sacramento when the shooting happened. family and friends gather overnight for a vigil about. they have yet to reveal a motive. several amazon employees are exposed to potentially hazard does material. firefighters say 150 employees were evacuated from a fulfillment center east of l.a. hazmat crews crews were somethig searching the building but did not find the substance. the center is back open. mike tyson fought roy jones, jr. in a share exhibition match. he was okay with the tie as long as the crowd was entertained. he expressed interest in a rematch. those are the headlines. i heard it was a bit underwhelming. will: i didn't stay up to find out. pete: i didn't either.
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i raid the headline. will: ties are underwhelming. pennsylvania republicans vow to take the fight to the supreme court alleging voter fraud. we'll speak to one of the state senators leading the charge next when we started carvana, they told us
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today, we break free. ready to break free? plan your future getaway with norwegian cruise line. sail safe. feel free. ♪. will: pennsylvania state senator vowing to take his legal fight over the election results all the way to the supreme court he along with members of the statehouse and senate filing a resolution to appoint the state's 20 electors themselves. here is pennsylvania state senator doug mastriano. thanks for being with us. indulge me a moment. i want to maximize my understanding where we are. talk about process and timing and then get to evidence towards the back end. first i understand tomorrow is the final day of the pennsylvania state legislature meeting. do you have the support that you need to replace electors with
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those who would appoint or apportion the state's votes to donald trump any think you made clear, that is the goal with the resolution. do you have the political support to do so? >> yes. the hardest part right now as you rightly said is timing. we have one day before our current session expires. so things need to happen to make sure we actually have more time, it is just no time, to get the next body of senators and representatives seated before january. and so it is an odd time. i don't know why this rule is in place here but we need to get ourselves seated here. there is good thing, there are more republican senators and more republican house members won the election on down ballot on lead-up to the show. that is the challenge as far as getting a new group in quickly. will: let's fall back if we can for a moment on what the united states states constitution allows. here is what is says how electors are appointed. each state shall appoint in such a manner as the legislature thereof may direct a number of electors, equal to the whole
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number of senators and representatives to which the state may be entitled in the congress but no senator or representative or person holding an office or trust or profit under the united states shall be appointed an elector? in essence what it is saying state legislatures appointee electors. you're running out of time. where do you stand in terms of persuasion and support doing what you want to do? >> i will focus on my senate version of the resolution because there is some difference between me and house. eight of us are signed up cosponsors. that is a good start. that normally takes time. these times that try our souls there is no time. we're following back on the 1892 precedent, mcpherson -- [inaudible] bush versus gore we remember as well. hopefully give my colleagues a little more strength and courage to move forward. in 1994 there was state election outside of philly so corrupted
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the democrat senator was thrown out of office, the republican loser was put in by judge newcomer, there was so much evidence and shenanigans. we have our actions on the legislative side. what we're trying to do in the house and senate in pennsylvania. on the other side the trump team will have to ask a precedent. court looking at evidence we have, we looked at it at my hearing, yes, there is systemic systemic cheating oar fraud, therefore elements of the election will be corrupted. will: unfortunately a hard break. we'll run out of time this is important issue. talk about this much more. if you could, what is the most compelling piece of evidence you're put towing your fellow state legislators to persuade them to switch your votes? >>er the hearing in gettysburg was eye-opening. first time for a public hearing. my point was what happened? eyewitnesses come up, one of the most compelling the data analyst
3:22 am
looked at 600,000 ballots came in, all except i believe 3 or 4,000 went to, .02% went to trump. that is statistical anomalies like that raise the eyebrows. will: i apologize. i apologize cut you off. i'm running up against the hard break. that statistical analysis i read about that we need to dig more into that. we hope to do that on "fox & friends." explain as much as we could in the limited amount of time. >> thank you. keep praying. we need help. will: thank you so much. still ahead he is competed around the world raising money for his son's muscular dystrophy disease, he says red tape in the state is blocking his latest fund-raising efforts i'm erin. -and i'm margo.
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♪. will: we're back with quick headlines. online retail sales soaring by 22% this black friday. shoppers spending a record nine billion dollars online as covid-19 weary americans decide to avoid crowds. meanwhile traffic to physical stores plummeting by 52%. experts believe cyber monday will be the biggest shopping day in u.s. history. new york city loses its top 10 spot as one of the most expensive places to live. a property shark survey the big apple tribeca neighborhood dropped from fifth place to 11. they say because so many new yorkers fled the city during covid-19. jed? jedediah: big exodus out of new york. all right, moving on a new jersey dad completed races around the world fund-raising for his son's muscular dystrophy treatment, pushing for a new way to raise money amid the pandemic. however his new idea to auction off a ford mustang to fill the fund-raising gap is getting cans
3:27 am
sell by state officials who called it illegal. joining me with his sorry, founder and ceo of jar of hope, jim rafone. you've done incredible work for raising funds for muscular dystrophy which your son was diagnosed with. incredible work. you faced a lot of obstacles. first off the pandemic restrictions and red tape in your own state. tell us first about the challenges you face as of late. >> thank you, good morning. thank you for having me on the show. right now we are restricterred from selling raffle tickets online by the state of new jersey. unfortunately it was a statute written 70 years ago before the advent of the internet. when the statute was written they never thought we would be able to electronically receive and send out funds online. to date they still holding that true. they are refusing to allow us to sell tickets for our fully, 100% donated mustang to the
3:28 am
organization to try to raise money for terminally ill children. jedediah: is there any recourse at all, any way you can see that you've been able to talk to people, figure out a way to make this happen? if you don't mind, give us some insight, i was reading about this experimental study you hoped to fund that costs i believe $35,000. tell us a little bit about that, why it is important to fund that study. >> sure. jar of hope is working with hyper genetics which is a small biotech company came across a compound we've been fortunate enough to study not only in my son but other children around the world. we have a child coming in every 90 days from ireland. this young boy is seeing amazing results. he is doing things that children with muscular dystrophy should never be able to do. it is important to continue the study to see what is going going on inside his body but the rest of the boys. unfortunately with covid
3:29 am
restrictions organizations like myself are down 89% for the year on fund-raising. it is difficult for us to raise money through the conventional way. through our events over the have been canceled. this mustang raffle is hugely important for us to get off the ground. the only way to get around this right now, i'm told, because i did hire an attorney through the foundation to fight for us, get legislation changed that i might be held to criminal charges if i continue through with this raffle by selling tickets online but unfortunately i had a conversation with the ag's spokesperson and they fully understand that this statute is outdated and thanks to congressman chris smith, senator thompson, senator powell, assemblyman ron dancer heard our cries. go pal signed or cosponsored a bill to get through the senate. unfortunately it is stagnant.
3:30 am
it hasn't moved anywhere. i'm out publicly trying to push this bill along. governor murphy dud hear my cries for help. unfortunately he signed an executive order which allowed charities in the state of new jersey to sell raffle tickets for gaming events, for those that happen in stadiums. that unfortunately does not do anything for charities such as myself right now. we're trying to raffle off a car. it has nothing to do with that. though i'm grateful for that it's a great first step but it doesn't help us right now. jedediah: yeah. you know, jim, this is not the first time i've herd heard a story about a charity doing honorable work that is faced these obstacles. we hope you make this happen. our thoughts go out to your son and others that suffer from muscular dystrophy. for more information on jar of hope, your charity, visit jar of
3:31 am thanks for making your cares and hopefully someone will hear that thank you so much. >> thank you. jedediah: appreciate it. coming up as progressives push joe biden further to the left one ceo is fighting back saying capitalism is humanity's greatest invention ever. rachel campos duffy on the pro-american message. that's next. ♪ for over 30 years, lexus has been celebrating driveway moments. here's to one more, the lexus december to remember sales event. lease the 2021 nx 300 for $349 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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♪. jedediah: your shot of the morning. vanderbilt's sara fuller making history as the first woman to play in a power five football conference. will: got her first kickoff for vanderbilt at halftime. she gave this message to young girls watching the debut. >> i want to tell all the girls out there you can do anything you set your mind to. you really can. if you have the mentality. all the way through, you can do anything. pete: great for her,. that is not a good kick. she is the goalkeeper for vanderbilt's soccer team. she felt calm taking the field. revealing the sec soccer championship was actually more stressful. didn't get past the 35. maybe the other ones were better. we'll know. bring in rachel campos duffy,
3:36 am
fox news contributor, host of "moms ""fox nation." could you kick like that? >> i'm in the very athletic. i don't edge joy sports. i can't read sports headlines well either. pete: you do fine. you do amazing commentary for us. that is why you're here with us. happy sunday. john mackey, the whole foods founder and ceo, i didn't know he was a libertarian until will enlightened me during the break. on tuesday he said something, a lot of people have noticed that is interesting because of how blunt he is in defending capitalism against the socialist own slaut. here is what john mackey said, listen. >> capitalism will always be sustained and criticized and attacked. it will be attacked for its motivations. because its motivations seen somehow or other seen i am pure. and, yes, of course business has
3:37 am
to make money. business doesn't make money, it will fail but you that doesn't mean that is its purpose to make money. that is why we're seeing this move towards socialism, capitalism they see inherently corrupt. capitalism is the greatest thing humanity is done. we told the bad narrative, we told the enemies of business, enemies of capitalism put out a narrative about us is wrong. it is inaccurate. pete: so true, rachel. how do we find a better narrative for capitalism? >> well, because has to start in our schools and he is absolutely right. nothing lifted more people out of poverty in human history than entrepreneurial capitalism and he's right. we're sending the wrong message. there was recently a report out of the state department saying that we have a national security problem because you know, basically the chinese are loving how we're educating our students and softening them up to socialism and markism and undermining our own system which is, you know the best system in
3:38 am
the world. we've allowed marxists to take over our education system, our teachers colleges. our history books are not just, you know, know denigrating american history. they have blackouts on all the death and destruction caused by socialism. you have kids who have no idea how much socialism has failed miserably every single time it has been tried. jedediah: you know, people always assume whole foods is run by liberals, filled with liberals. we libertarians, we lurk behind the. >> caller: kale, rachel. a crisis reveals what is in our hearts. we have a quote from the op-ed i warrant to read for you. we'll talk about it. god asks us to dare to create something new. we cannot return to the false securities of the political and economic systems we had before the crisis. we need economies that give
3:39 am
all-access to the fruits of creation of basic needs of life, land lodging and labor. the larger context he criticized those protested against covid-19 lockdowns. made a larger case for his view of policy we should be embracing. your reaction. >> it is sad, as a catholic the op-ed came out on same day we had huge religious victory in the supreme court. the pope called those who were, cardinal dolan and other catholics celebrating this, he called itselfish for standing up to our liberties. he pair losting really creepy globalist programs. he talked about build back better. talked about climate change. never talked about religious freedom. started talking going back to our conversation about socialism. he started promoting as so many other globals have this great reset, using the pandemic to
3:40 am
advance you know, reordererring our economic system. and i would say to you that the problem in america is not capitalism. we know the pope is a socialist. the problem in america is capitalism was always meant to be tempered by morality and ethics. that is where i wish my pope would step in and talk about that because that is what is lacking in america and in the world. capitalism is a wonderful thing but it does need christian ethics, you know, judeo-christian ethics to temper it. will: rachel, when a wonderful point that would be my final question to you in the limited time we have left. timing the two subjects forever, i defended capitalism all my life. capitalism is the single greatest tool raising people out of poverty in the history of the planet but we kind of suffer i think from some corporatism. weak, spineless, amoral or lacking in morals corporatism across this society. it is not a fault of capitalism.
3:41 am
it is a fault of big corporations with weak leadership and loose morals that bend to things like minority mobs, ming minority extreme viewpoints mobs who push these companies into very radical directions. i don't know i have a question at the end of that, rachel. because you answered it. that is what is missing in capitalism. i will give you the last word. >> absolutely. you're 100% right. there is a very weird alliance between the socialists and wall street and big tech, big pharma, all these people. i think we all as americans need to wake up. small business and entrepreneurship is dying in this pandemic. we need to wake up. will: thank you, turning to your headlines, california governor gavin newsom blocking charles manson's follower leslie van houten release. she was eligible for parole in july after spending five decade
3:42 am
in prison. she ant other mans son followers were convicted of roles of 1969 cult killers of seven people in los angeles. van houten's lawyer says they will appeal newsom's decision. apparent act of road rage involving cars decked out in maga gear ends up in a crash. watch. [horns honking] >> [bleep] oh, my god. oh, my god. will: witnesses telling "tmz" the driver of the mustang appeared to be taunting two cars decked with trump flags. this happening at a stoplight near los angeles. no word on any of the injuries. legendary musician eric clapton, musician eric clapton is being slammed for teaming up with van morrison for a new anti-lockdown song. ♪
3:43 am
♪ take a look in the mirror, i don't like what is happening too ♪ will: stand and deliver is morrison's fourth song on protesting uk's close you are orders. he is helping musicians struggling. because of teaming up with morrison, clapton is getting pushback. those are your headlines. pete: never had a reason to like eric clapton. now i do. will: i had plenty of reasons to like van morrison. i do even more. pete: still ahead the minneapolis city council pushing idea of community safety by slashing the police budget for $8 million. a retired police officer from that force on the fallout coming up next. ng what's right, not what's easy.
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♪. pete: months after the minneapolis mayor proposed a 14 million-dollar budget cut to the city's police department, the city council revealing a new plan to nix nearly $8 million more from the force. here with what this means for community safety and officer morale a retired minneapolis police officer. thank you so much for being here. thank you for your service to the community. >> you're welcome. pete: when you hear they want to take that much more out, what is the impact the way the police force operates but also on the morale of the officers? >> well currently our crime rate is up very, very high and there is no control over it. the officers have, it may take five or six hours for an officer to even answer a call. that is a long time for a citizen to wait and we need to work with the police, the city council, the mayor, the
3:48 am
community and work on a plan and not just say we're going to defund the police. pete: five or six hours will not cut it for anybody in almost any situation, regardless how dangerous or significant it may be. here is a portion of what they want to take away from. i will put it up on the screen. i won't read it all, but one in particular i think on the next portion of it, almost $2 million taken out for expanding neighborhood safety groups. they want to take out two million for mental health crisis and response and dispatch training. when you get rid of training or you get rid of neighborhood groups, how in the world does anyone believe the situation will get any better, meaning reducing the call time amount? or who shows up if the police don't, mylan? >> that is the problem. they don't have a plan and they need to get a plan that works with everyone and if you, there are some things that officers don't need to do. for example, homelessness. stuart: mental illness, what
3:49 am
happens when they get out of control they call the police. maybe there is a way that you could combine both social work and police together in the same squad car so that you can use these problems and figure out these problems but you really need to work together, get a plan, find out what the problem is, and then do the plan. not just get rid of the money. pete: you're point is well-taken. police are a catch-all for everything and there are other ways to help supplement what they do. the mayor has said he wants888 police officers in the target number. this proposal would reduce the force to 750. with that many officers on the street, what gets missed? >> there is a lot of things that will get missed. even the special programs they have now working with the juveniles and working with the sports programs that they have, those are all going to get cut. then you have a program where, you don't have, in 1989 we had
3:50 am
900 officers and we had, we have more people now. we have more crime, more violent crime than we did even back then. pete: that was back when minneapolis was known as murder-apolis the things changed because the police department stepped up, right? >> exactly. pete: the equation is not hard. if you take away police crime will go up. mylan, thanks for being on the program this morning and your service. >> you're welcome. pete: blatantly disregarding his own covid-19 rules, governor gavin newsom is back in hot water this morning. the brand new outrage at the top of hour. first, megamorning deals, christmas edition. discounts exclusively to "fox & friends" viewers coming up. ♪. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story.
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3:57 am
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4:00 am
♪. will: good morning, welcome to "fox & friends," will cain, jedediah bila and pete hegseth. i have been thinking, coronavirus shutdowns and economic shutdowns hurting sports, maybe time to tee up christmas movies. i heard pete hegseth says his life could be on the hallmark channel. what is the best christmas movie to tee up?
4:01 am
my mom loves "miracle on 34th street." watches a it is a wonderful life. i need need a more modern one. jed, do you have one that i need to make on my list. jedediah: i do like, i don't remember the name, there is movie with nicolas cage in it, sees his whole life differently. will: the family man. the family man. jedediah: love it. love that movie. will: you're hiding a secret catalog of a lot of christmas movies. you have a lot on your list already. what about "a christmas story." watch it wall-to-wall. you can shoot your eye out. will: anything put out in the last 10 years i need to put on the list? that is the question. something new i haven't seen. pete: ""elf." my five-year-old is buddy from "elf." is there a new movie that should be on
4:02 am
will's radar? we're using you, the audience, to help will educate his children about christmas in advance. i know you will help. stick with us all morning. we're following big stories this morning. pfizer's vaccine has made it to america. the first batch reportedly arriving at chicago's o'hare airport. united airlines tapped charter flights to bring the vaccine from brussels. will: some airlines are pushing for mandating the vaccine. the national air transport system finishes developing a quote, vaccine passport. jedediah: meanwhile the nfl is considering holding its playoffs in bubbles amid rising cases. it comes as lawmakers face mounting pressure to pass virus relief and extend unemployment benefits that is the key helping businesses out. we talked about the inability to get anything done in washington on this issue. democrats have been obstructing this process quite frequently but the need to get that assistance out to people is front and center.
4:03 am
it has been front and center for some in a while. the pressure is on. the that word mandate caught my eye. i think that is a concern on many minds when we talk about a vaccine, the idea this could be the next mandate coming down the pike, and there is going to be a lot of limited guest activists. people want control over their own health and well being step up to the plate to have a lot to say about that. interesting to see how this unfolds pete meet vaccine passport in order to get on planes? what if you have the antibodies, how do you prove that? where does it go? so much optimism tied to the vaccine's arrival, the fact that can get us to a place through the vaccine you have herd immunity and something everyone can open up to live a normal life through. when you talk about mandates as you said, jed, talk about patchwork, point to the nfl is a silly example. the real thing that matters are small businesses livelihoods,
4:04 am
going to church. that is not lost on us that is what matters. the broncos have four quarterbacks all in quarantine. they will play today's game against the saints without a quarterback, with a rookie practice squad wide receiver from quarterback. that is emblematic. everyone is doing something much differently. not all get to watch it on tv, as we tune in to the nfl at 4:00, watch a rookie wide receiver play quarterback. that will be entertaining. that is deadly serious. will: it is deadly serious. we're not doing things that make sense. san francisco 49ers cannot play in santa clara, their home, because now there is a mandate against contact sports. across the world there is not a single reported case of outdoor transmission during a sporting event, not a single one. one more note on the idea of mandates, jedediah. we're talking about corporate mandates. quantas airlines in order to fly on the airlines you must have a coronavirus vaccine. we talked about this earlywer
4:05 am
rachel campos duffy. we talked about the increasing role with corporations on our lives, and the mandates they put on us, whether censorship or vaccine. that is something we need to pay attention to. corporations in this day and age, 2020, not motivated by obvious, the bottom line, but extreme fear. give you example what happened over this past summer when it came to the black lives matter protests and riots. that extreme political point of view forced many corporations to move in some radical directions. will they do the same when it comes to politics? there was a black lives matter protest earlier this week and they talked about joe biden and his cabinet and the direction joe biden is going. here is a quote from dr. molina abdullah, leader of blm's la chapter. they tried to condemn the words at the same time. we want to be very clear. as we happily usher out the trump regime we will not accept liberal white supremacy in the white house in the form of
4:06 am
joe biden. jedediah what we see here, joe biden, essentially the corporation, the swamp returns but will it be influenced like corporations by these extreme political points of views? jedediah: yeah. i think people are pointing out an obvious thing which is that joe biden tried to straddle a lot of lines, right? what do i stand for? what do i need to say? maybe i step back, don't say anything at all. i win by virtue of that. people question what he is going to do, who he will put in his cabinet, what he will stand for. the answer, they just don't know. but you will see a lot of hard left groups that will come out, they will issue these veiled, sometimes not so veiled threats, listen, we ultimately stepped up to the plate and voted for you. we expect something in return. you're going to hear that from the likes of aoc and people in congress who feel that they played a key role in joe biden winning. you will hear that from people out in the community. he will have a lot of pressure on them. he will have pressure to deliver on the moderate stance he claims
4:07 am
to be ushering in. he has a lot to juggle about. i don't know where it will fall. i guarranty you in the cabinet, see progressive choices that will appease that segment of population, throughout the country. pete: i don't know that is a segment of the population appeasable. last four years donald trump was called a racist, white supremacist. joe biden was supposed to be a rejection of that. a leader from black lives matter, liberal white supremacy in the white house in the form of joe biden. to black lives matter leaders, anyone who is white is a white supremacist. they are anti-american. they believe the definition of america is stolen from indians and founded on the backs of slaves. therefore inevitably evil. the entire thing needs to be torn down. when you talk about reimagining the police force, we had a retired police officer from minneapolis on the program earlier you can reimagine all you want. if there is better form of law
4:08 am
enforcement we would be already doing it. or reimagine it, attempt to think we're not fallen human nature isn't flawed. people make mistakes. people commit crimes. it is an unfortunate reality of us as individuals. you can reimagine something. it is not going to make it better. you can attempt to improve it on the march margins. that is not what black lives matter is attempting to do. they want to tear the system down. that was in los angeles. in the same state, california's governor, gavin newsom is back in the headlines. remember when he ate outside with all the friends with no masks you can't do that? there is a tweet he sent out yesterday which has been described as tone deaf to be generous. here is what gavin newsom on small business saturday tweeted. he said today is small business sat day. california's home is over four million small businesses. this holiday season shop safe and shop local to help support our economy and the over seven million workers that help keep our small businesses going but will, those businesses are not
4:09 am
open. will: they are not open. this is like tony soprano putting his arm around your shoulder saying i hope it all works out for you. i have shut you down but we want you to do well. this is not hypocrisy. this is authoritarianism. this is absolutely the contradiction in your rules and your imploring, is that a word, imploring people helping businesses you are shutting down. pete: total detachment. let them eat cake. up don't know what people are facing, fox news contributor tomi lahren, tweeted, support small businesses, wait, the ones you closed or ones you allowed blm around antifa thugs to loot and destroy? jedediah: cuomo weighed in on this. i mean i guess they expect you to support small businesses online because in many cases that is the only way you can do it. it is really unfortunate.
4:10 am
you've seen a lot of practice, not practicing what you preach from these governors and the audacity and tone deafness of some of these governors to put this stuff out. maybe they know, they know they will get backlash they feel compelled to say it anyway. small business owner, reading that, a small business owner in california, sitting down reading that tweet. the amount of disgust you must feel, has to be beyond. i wish we had the cuomo tweet. that certainty my eyes rolling back in my head. pete: como said a the same thing. corporatists or wall street folks or corporations, folks doing fine, big box stores, amazons, they are flourishing, everyone is online. go to main street, fifth avenue, sixth avenue behind us where real people own real businesses where sons, daughters, relatives work there they provide livelihoods in the diners, restaurants, we've been to across the country, they can't be open.
4:11 am
on the cover of the "new york post" this morning, i can't show, is there, god bless staten island, one haven of conservatism and patriotism. guy in the pub said i'm autonomous zone. i'm declaring my pub an autonomous zone to avoid closures in new york. that is something we come to. will: that is something a morning rolls on. rugged have itism to the american spirit. you can attempt to protect americans, keep policies that keep everybody absolutely risk-free, americans absolutely are individualistic and willing to go out to take risks on their own. ultimately not willing to comply. we are assumed, for better or worse, you can have the debate about the merits of shutdowns, you can have a debate about the merits of policy, sooner or later you have to realize americans will noll comply. still ahead, dr. anthony
4:12 am
fauci canceling christmas celebrations for his family as he warns of a dark holiday season ahead. dr. marc siegel says we need the spirit of christmas now more than ever. he explains. ♪. we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa
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♪. will: a surge in covid-19 cases wreaking havoc on the nfl. all the denver broncos quarterbacks on the roster ineligible for today's game against the saints. they were reportedly seen together without masks as one tested positive.
4:16 am
baltimore ravens have 18 players on the covid-19 reserve list. here to discuss is fox news medical contributor, author of "covid, the politics of fear and power of science, dr. marc siegel." thanks for being here. ask you about a third nfl team, san francisco 49ers. here is how i set it up. california governor says we follow the science, follow the data. that is mantra, follow the science, follow the data. in santa clara county they banned outdoor contact sports, that will affect the 49ers for the next few weeks. to my knowledge, i read all about this, across the planet, professional sports leagues of every sport, soccer, whatever it may be, not a single reported incident of covid-19 transmissing on the field of play outside. are we following data and sigh endings, dr. siegel? >> no we're absolutely not.
4:17 am
it has been study ad lot in europe with soccer leagues as well. by the way i will impress you will, with my sports knowledge. san jose state is in santa clara county. they have an unbelievable miracle season going on. they are undefeated. they were supposed to playboys see state today, a real contest, it got canceled because of the santa clara rules. really, really disappointing, is that a spartan, san jose state spartans? are you spartan, dr. siegel. >> no, i'm watching from afar and i love that part of the world. will: let me talk about this. we can have debate about the policy but at some point we have to confront the fact that americans are individualistic, they are stubborn and will they follow your policies? that is a great question going forward. dr. fauci says christmas is canceled for his family at least. he is looking forward to great thanksgivings and christmas starting in 2021. dr. fauci, i'm sorry, dr. siegel, i do not think
4:18 am
people will follow doctor fauci's advice. i don't think they're ready to let go of the christmas. >> like you said the science has to follow exactly what it is. do we want kendall hinton, a wide receiver playing football as quarterback against the taupe team in the league, the saints? it is brutal. do which want no christmas, do we want no hanukkah? we're praying for miracles right now. we're praying for miracles to get us out of this covid-19 pandemic. it is almost a biblical plague it seems like. the worst thing in the world is to try to cancel holidays. should we try to navigate christmas where less risk of spread, smaller gatherings, wearing masks? yes. should people be punished the way the denver broncos are being punished for lack of a mask? no. that is the wrong idea. everything secular, that is the wrong idea. we need to get together with social distancing, masking, pray
4:19 am
for the future. clearly a vaccine is coming to us at the right time but really, really bad idea to cancel christmas. will: just to tie the two things together, dr. siegel, i hear what you're saying. follow data and science but you're not. that is why you use words like punishment. when you put three or four quarterbacks out of the game you're not following science. when you can sell contact sports you're not following science. when you cancel christmas, i know it is not cancel, dr. fauci says wilt recommend not going to normal gatherings, you are not following data and science. when will we start doing that dr. siegel? >> we're starting to do that. if you want to test people before they come to the gathering, fine. if you want to have social distancing, fine. new york state, we followed about the hypocrisy how come liquor stores are open and the governor is clamping down on churches and synagogues? that kind of hypocrisy or paradox we don't need. we look at each situation, that a spreading event?
4:20 am
you point out the football games are not a spreading event. look at equipment going on buss? yes. we should not cancel things that inspire us, bring us pleasure at a time like this if they are not spreading covid. will: so many guidances, mandates don't follow that i read today airplanes now, which originally were a warning place are one of the safest places to be because of filtration systems. it keeps changing but the mandates don't, dr. siegel. the mandates don't. >> very true about planes. a czar in the uk. uk there is czar will be looking over travel, not canceling it for christmas but monitoring it. that is what we should do. will: i don't know. i don't know if i'm ready for a czar, dr. siegel. i'm ready for smarter decisions. how about that. >> no cancellations. will: got to run. thank you, dr. see gell. coming up he served our nation with grit and honor, returntoring the battlefield despite numerous injuries and inspiring countless people along the way.
4:21 am
that hero, chad fleming, shares his story, ahead of tonight's modern warrior special, from pete hegseth's book. ♪. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to to save you up to 60%. these are all great. and when you get a big deal... ♪ feel like a big deal. ♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. it is what separates knowledge from wisdom. you carry it with you -
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♪. pete: another edition, a special episode of modern warriors set to air tonight on the fox news channel, highlighting four soldiers who made unimaginable sacrifice on the battlefield and inspired countless americans as they made the difficult transition back to civilian life. our next guest is one of those heroes. he served six tours in the
4:25 am
army's elite 75th ranger regiment. even returning to combat after he lost his leg to serve again. joining us with his incredible story, retired army ranger chad fleming. brother, good morning, how are you doing? >> brother pete, good morning. how are you doing? pete: great, man. a month since i saw you in texas shooting guns, everybody knows this, shad is much better shot. we had some fun. if you would, deployed six times. five after losing your leg, wounded multiple times. what motivates chad phlegming to keep going back? >> served in the greatest country in the world, teammates to the right and to the left, the bond with the people there is nothing like it. when you deploy to a foreign country and you have to defend this country and so, really was easy decision to make. pete: chad, i mentioned you redeploying after losing a leg.
4:26 am
let's play a clip, a portion of tonight's episode. we'll get you to respond on the other side. >> the first time going back over after this injury, you know, i, as i was coming off the aircraft i was smelling the same smells that i smelled when i was being put on the aircraft which was a medical aircraft to get out of there. you're just overwhelmed with thoughts. you're overwhelmed with emotions because you have a daily reminder of what happens if something goes wrong. pete: chad, it is an amazing episode. your story is incredible. how did you, very rare thing for someone to lose a leg and then go back and pull the trigger again. how did you make that happen? >> it wasn't just me t was the people that were around me. we all like to think we're superhumans and all that good stuff but we're really not. it is about the people that support you. once i made the decision to go back to continue to serve, one is was fairly easy. it is something that i always wanted to do.
4:27 am
it is in my heart, it's a passion that i had and once the people surrounded me to make that happen, there was no stopping at that point. something i had to do. pete: i will say, chad, you're the closest thing to superhuman i witnessed in person, no doubt about that the enemy looking around we thought we had that guy. "robocop" is back, how is he back, stoking fear into the minds of the enemy. one other thing we talk about, chad, a lot, is transition back to civilian life. what has your advice been, your experience been taking the uniform off and coming back? >> i tell all the veterans, pete, as a military veteran you have so much to offer the civilian world. everything from easy things like punciality to, you are highly sought-after in the civilian world. don't sell yourself short. go into the mind set, understand that i have something to give
4:28 am
back. you have done it once volunteering for your country. now you have the opportunity to go give back in a different role. pete: chad, real quick, you do a lot of motivational speaking. we're in one of those moments whether uncertainty politically, covid-19. what is your advice to people who are being told we're headed into a dark winter. >> not every day is good day but look to find the good in one day. we'll wake up at some point we think the end of the world is coming. it's not. the fact you woke up took a breath, you're 50% of a good day right there find the rest of it and run with it. we're never guaranteed anything in this life. pete: chad, when the end of the world does come make sure you're on my side. that is all i ask. >> we'll be there,. pete: pete chad came out in the book, "modern warriors." named after the series. chad phlegming in the republic
4:29 am
of texas, thanks for being with us this morning. >> thanks, pete, see ya. pete: got it, brother. 10:00 tonight the episode with chad and three amazing americans. don't want to miss it. freedom force versus the squad. not a real squad. chad was part of a real squad. they're a political squad. flipping fourth district red and shrinking speaker pelosi's majority, super bowl champ burgess owens said they made their message loud and clear to democrats. he explains coming up. ♪ walmart has cyber monday deals you don't want to miss. on november 30th, score online only deals like the 8 quart ninja foodi tender crisp, and save $100. let's end the year saving bigger. ♪
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and putting you in control of the whole thing with powerful technology. that's why we've become the nation's fastest growing retailer. because our customers love it. see for yourself, at ♪. jedediah: welcome back to "fox & friends weekend." we've been talking a lot already this morning about some unexpected by some gop wins and we have now one of those individuals who eked out a win. we have gop congressman-elect burgess owens. congratulations to you first and foremost on your win. pretty extraordinary as you look at numbers come in. 13 seated flipped red. utah 4th district has been one of those seats and you've
4:34 am
been out front and center talking about the gop's freedom force. can you talk a little bit about that for us. what that means and speak a little bit to the diversity of individuals, republicans got elected as well? >> first of all, thank you so much for the opportunity. i'm excited about first of all being part of this remarkable freshman team. this is a team that the shows what america, what the parties put together. i want to thank americans out there for allowing to us have this voice this, contrast against the socialism, marxist left that we all, many of us have no idea how many people have no idea how disasterous that ideology is. our goal simply to point out we can be diverse, which we are. that is what americans are, we have different cultures, backgrounds colors but we have in common love for our country and we want to make sure we stay free. what we're giving the message, socialism is giving some ground here. we have people within the academia world, i call them
4:35 am
cowards and bullies, little termites, they're leftist professors who are take out kids when they come in with big dreams. they leave college with debt and hating our country. pull our country back. focus on the things that make us successful and free market is what it is all about. judeo-christian values we need to focus on. i'm looking forward to being a remarkable team of people getting message out. will: you're counterbalanced from spreading socialism throughout congress but throughout culture as well, counterbalance to the squad in congress. who is on the freedom force with you? >> as you go through it you see from, we have gosh, there is nine of us. from cuba, iran, greece, ukraine and venezuela. here is the thing, we also have two black americans, myself and buy rohn donald. our message is simply we know
4:36 am
what it looks like. i know from my growth what it looks like, to have exciting community grew up in the '60s, led our country so many different ways turned upside down by the evil of soaksism and markism, take away business ownership -- marxism. business ownership is the where our freedom comes from. if you wonder why they shut down things right now, no matter who you are, democrat, independent, republicans, the left hates business owners, because it empowers middle class. our middle class is being attacked right now. i understand that is what they're after. if they destroy the hopes and dreams of those out there, destroying the middle class, they get their power from misery. that is what the left does. understand who they are. my democratic friends. you're not safe either. you're collateral damage, running a business, going to church, want to put your kids in school, you are the collateral damage. that is way evil socialist
4:37 am
marxists roll. pete: you give people hope. long-time friend of show. excited to see you in congress. you're a truth teller. no doubt you will remain the way in washington, d.c. you mentioned control and shutdowns. you're a super bowl champ in a former life. we see the nfl affected big time. for denver bronco quarterbacks are ineligible against the saints. ravens, steelers is postponed, you can't play in san francisco outdoor stadium. how do you think the nfl is handling this and covid moment writ large? >> i think the key the nfl is still in business. why don't we allow like the corporations, they figured out a way to get it done. each team deals with it differently. they might postpone it a little bit. how about letting business owners do the same thing. how about people get up every single morning, stay up late at night, figure out how to pass it down to their kids, figure out,
4:38 am
give them opportunities to make sure they feel comfortable coming into the premises? this is key moment, my friends. let's fight for small business owners and fight for the middle class. if the corporations pull it off, amazon, you named the rest of them, small business owners can figure out who to make their business run. make sure people feel safe coming into their premises. will: here, here, congressman,-elect. that is message people love to hear in washington, d.c. small business owners, entrepreneurs, capitalism. what a great message. >> the american way. will: that is you point out ukraine americans, venezuela americans, black americans, cuban-americans, nice to see you in congress on the freedom force, burgess, thank you very much. >> all the best. will: turn now to some morning headlines. david pros, who filled out darth vader's tall frame in the original "star wars" trilogy has decide. >> i am your father. will: although that voice is james early jones he provided
4:39 am
the voiceover for darth vader, prowse's 6-foot 7-inch frame. he was 85 years old. new york city pub is stealing a page from seattle's anarchist cookbook. max's public house declaring establishment a autonomous zone. ignoring covid-19 orders from the mayor around governor. prohibition of indoor dining in bars and restaurants took effect last week. and former nba star nate robinson, well he got knocked out during his boxing debut. the three-time slam dunk contest champ getting sent to the mat three times by youtuber jake paul. he eventually lost by a technical knockout. paul called out mma fighter conor mcgregor. that is a little different for his next fight. those are the morning headlines.
4:40 am
i respect the confidence, i guess, promotion. pete: worst idea ever. maybe, will, some day when "fox & friends" back to its glory you and i get into the ring. will: i don't like you and i challenge. pete: i don't know how it will go. will: i will like to get into the swimming race. i don't want to get into the ring. jedediah: have either of you guys taking boxing? will: i am signing this afternoon. jedediah: you guys always underme. i take plenty of boxing. step in the ring with me. putting the idea out there. pete: crazy world. jedediah: i'm not afraid. let's ask rick reichmuth though. have you taken any boxing? will you step in the ring with us? >> no. this is bad idea. chad, don't get in the ring with the guys. pete, don't say you take the challenge it is a new world. all of this is bad idea.
4:41 am
like it was for nate robinson as well. here you go. if you tried to get home today from wherever you went for thanksgiving. showers across parts of the south. airports, no delays anywhere across the nation's airports at this time. this is really a pretty significant system across parts of the southeast. it is raining a couple days. we've seen localized flooding. a lot of moisture. this morning east texas, parts of louisiana. it will spread throughout the southeast throughout the day today. look at future radar how this plays out. next number of hours, it spreads in parts of alabama, mississippi, georgia, across parts of the carolinas. tomorrow it moves up towards the mid-atlantic, a pretty soggy day. areas into southern new england, getting three, four inches of rain, causing localized flooding. see white stuff on back side. colder air gets pulled down. we'll watching pretty significant snow fall. six inches up to the central
4:42 am
appalachians, parts of the great lakes. this is what we're talking about as we head into the next couple months. cutting into parts of florida. florida, much cooler air coming in. might see highs only into the mid 60s, as far as south of miami. that is what winter is in florida. pete: i wasn't listening. a boxing match between you and adam klotz. keep it on meteorologists? rick: i'm 20 years older than adam klotz. adam klotz is ripped. so, nicely done. not a chance. i am probably twice his size, also. i throw my weight around. pete: experience and size versus ripped. on to another subject. our next guest defined governor andrew cuomo's lockdown orders hosting 11 friends and family over for thanksgiving. come on. joe borelli is next.
4:43 am
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♪. jedediah: our next guest, a new york city councilman, defied governor andrew cuomo's orders this week with 11 friends and family around his thanksgiving table. that is plus one over the restrictions said were allowed. but you could say 12 folks were in attendance. the positive himself making appearance through the kitchen window. staten island, councilman, joe borelli. that picture is truly the best. we showed it as a tease. i've been laughing since. it is amazing guessing through the intro without laughing. it is fantastic. talk about your gathering. you decided to go a plus one over the restriction maximum capacity. that was 10, you had 11. why did you make that choice, and what do you really think of these restrictions? >> look, good morning, thank you. let's be clear, my family is 11
4:47 am
people. your family might be 15. your family might be seven but mine is 11 and in this case it is my house. it is my rules and while you know many state governors and even the federal government have made examples and given recommendations on how to reduce spread governor cuomo decided to make a hard and fast rule and then threatened people that he is going to enforce it. and that is just a step too far for myself and many people around the state. in fact he got immediate pushback not just from me, but from every law enforcement officer in the state of new york and rightfully so. jedediah: i was reading a little bit about your day. correct me if i'm wrong, you did take some precautions. you guys kept the windows open. you spent a lot of time outside. you even did temperature checks at the door and had some family members test ahead of time that week. you did take some precautions, right? >> yeah. every single adult was tested within a few days.
4:48 am
we took temperature checks. it became sort of a gag. we took everybody's temperatures. nobody had symptoms. it was beautiful day. spent most of it outdoors playing with the kids. keen waving to neighbors. no one wants to spread covid at least not to the family members. there are reasonable precautions we all could and should take but at the same time you can't just sacrifice seeing your family. we need our families. we need our lives to begin to resume what they used to be back in the day. i couldn't imagine having the conversation i would be considered a bandit for having 11 people over at my house for thanksgiving that is the sort of america we need to work our way back into. jedediah: this is unfortunately where we're at. i want to ask you a little bit about governors because andrew cuomo, gavin newsom have taken some heat with respect to their treatment of covid-19 and measures they have taken and not taken themselves, frankly but check out the tweet from governor newsom. today is small business saturday. california is home to over four million small businesses. this holiday season shop safe
4:49 am
and shop local to support our economy and over seven million workers that keep our small businesses going. what do you think of that tweet in light of gavin newsom's policies with respect to businesses in california? >> look at best it is tone deaf. while every single governor took action to limit the spread of covid, people like gavin newsom, gretchen whitmer, phil murphy, they didn't react with same intense and purpose on reopening than looking down. prize goes to andrew cuomo, not only kept businesses locked down, he tweeted a small business saturday tweet and profited and sold a book based on his brave decision keeping businesses struggling longer than the ppp loan lasted, longer than any other state. to see him write a book, publish it, make money off it himself insulting to me as new yorker and small business owners still actually locked down in new york state. jedediah: yeah.
4:50 am
that book tour, his appearances have been something to behold to say the least. i also said to a producer in the break, who created cutout to put in window of cuomo they made a fortune. >> we have good neighbors. >> councilman joe borelli, thanks for being here. happy holidays to you and your family. >> thanks. jedediah: still ahead as joe biden forms his cabinet, one headline claims his choices are straight out of the swamp. the outrage at the top of the hour. as christmas shopping season gets underway we have preview of the hottest kids stories. i need to see that. pete and will are testing them out. will: it is not working.
4:51 am
hope, it is the light in all of us that cannot be extinguished. it rages on to give us a glimmer of what we can do, and of who we can become. because hope fuels opportunity. university of phoenix is awarding up to one million dollars in new scholarships through this month. yes, hope is alive and well. see what scholarship you qualify for at
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♪. jedediah: the 2020 christmas shopping season is officially underway and pete and will are already testing out some of the top toys for kids. pete: here to show us how these work, i'm trying to figure it out, chief toy officer, laurie schatz. good morning. >> good morning. are you guys ready to play? pete: let's do it. >> we're going to start with the child. also known as baby yoda. this is the animatronic version from hasbro. over 25 different sounds and emotions. giggling, babbling, even the sound of force. put it to sleep, laying it down and eyes closed. it will take a forced nap. all the collectors young and old will want that one.
4:55 am
we know that kids love to unbox toys. but now we have a toy unboxes itself. this is present pets. we take off the outer wrapper. there is oversized gift. suddenly this box is shaking. we hear of a puppy inside. we see the paws come out. the box opens, you get one much four little puppies. it will be a fancy or a fluffy. of the there is over 100 different sounds. this little pup can play games. it has voice recognition. it is adorable. asking for a puppy, here is a great choice for you. all right, i had to do the floss? pete: yes, i didn't know it was an animal. >> this is a flop. this is from -- [inaudible]. she is a flopping flop. her mouth moves. her eyes, and her butt wiggles.
4:56 am
she is better on the table. i wanted to give you a good view of her. everyone is up, and of course play. this is weekend that everyone has been home. we know families love to play games. this is an awesome one. it is called drone home. it looks like this. we have this game. we have a drone that we stick right in the middle. then we have our alien. what you want to do, you want to get your alien in the middle. you're shooting it. what happens, it takes off just like that one. it's a lot of fun. every time your alien is in the middle takes off, you score a point. great for the whole family. up to four people can play. will: wonder how hard it is. >> no. it is fun. every one plays at same time. will: we're almost out of time. laser x. >> great games of laser tag. two in a box it comes.
4:57 am
turn this one. will: i want those on set. pete: six of those in my house. good stuff. will: got to run, laurie. we're hard up against the break. thanks for gift ideas. appreciate it. coming up carter page, sean parnell, jack keane and burt water. he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa with priceline, you can get up to 60% off amazing hotels. and when you get a big deal... feel like a big deal. ♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. 100% online car buying. carvana's had a lot of firsts. ♪ car vending machines. and now, putting you in control of your financing. at carvana, get personalized terms, browse for cars that fit your budget, then customize your down payment and monthly payment.
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5:01 am
christmas movies in the last ten years. pete talked up elf, but, honestly, at this point it's older than ten years. so we need movies that came out in the last ten years to tee up for the holiday season. pete: christmas chronicles, kurt russell as santa, have you seen that? will: no, but i've seen a lot of people suggesting that. pete: and i just stole from jeremy who's e-mailed us,, one and two. the kids rave about it. jedediah: and kim writes a bad moms christmas. you will of laugh your butt off. i haven't seen that, but it sounds like a great title. will: and office christmas party. pete: you're looking for something to fortify and help your kids, i mean, educate?
5:02 am
i don't think bad moms christmas or office christmas party is going to get it done. will: i've seen bad santa, and that's not -- [laughter] pete: that one is not going to do it. will: no. pete: i've seen bad moms. jedediah: another one i like -- yeah, another one i like is grumpy old men, but the kids won't appreciate that, and a good classicking the bishop's wife with carey grant. apparently, we've made this all about the adults here. we need more, movies that are good for the kids. all right, we are following several big stories. the nfl taking a hit, the denver broncos in an unprecedented jam after all of its quarterbacks are declared ineligible for today's game against the saints. the qbs were reportedly seen together without masks after one of them tested positive. will: and the baltimore ravens
5:03 am
now have 18 players on the reserve list. its game against the steelers is still scheduled for tuesday night. meanwhile, the san francisco 49ers facing its own issues after a county-imposed ban on contact sports. the team working on a plan b for its home game next monday. pete: all this as the league tells teams scrap all in-person activities tomorrow and tuesday. it's just football, we know that, but it's indicative of so much more. when i woke up and saw that all four of the quarterbacks from the denver broncos, so who will be under center? you want to watch an nfl team without a quarterback. kendall hinton or number 3 running back royce freeman, the emergency qb. where's peyton manning, you know? where's john el and where is tim tebow i? put 'em in a uniform.
5:04 am
i still want brett favre to come back to minnesota. will: catch that game later this afternoon, maybe it'll be pete hegseth -- pete: if i was third string quarterback in high school. will: this game has several layers. i think serious layers to this story include the following, we're seeing various businesses across this country, and sympathy for the nfl, a major billion dollar corporation, will be limited. but small businesses across this country are suffering from economic shutdowns, mandated economic shutdowns. all the while these shutdowns don't seem to be following the science. i'll just share with you one piece of information. i think at this point throughout all of the sports leagues on this planet, and they're starting this past fall, there's not one reported transmission of coronavirus on the field of play, jedediah. jedediah: yeah. i think there's a lot of fear
5:05 am
that comes into play about, well, what if? it spreads to someone else, community spread and then everyone turns around and points the fenger at the nfl. -- finger at the nfl. no one wants to be a governor that was in office when there was a massive spread and they did nothing about it. so they're trying to put a lot of these extra measures, i think, in place to say we did everything we could and have all the bases covered. the challenges, of course, often times they're arbitrary, they don't make sense, and like you said, the science doesn't necessarily back up those decisions. through all of this what we've seen is a lot of challenges faced by small businesses around the country. many have gone out of business, unfortunately, others struggling to today alive. we had burgess owens on earlier, and he talked about the impact on businesses and what should actually be happening. listen to his perspective. >> i i think the key to this is the nfl is still in business. i why don't we allow, like we do the corporations, each team
5:06 am
deals with it differently, but they still play the game. how about letting businesses do the same thing, letting people that get up every single morning and stay up late at night, give them the same right and opportunities to figure out how to make sure that people are safe when they come into their premises. if the corporations can pull it you have, the small business owners can figure it out just as good or better. pete: just as good or better, i love what burgess had to saw. he's also a super bowl champ. it is often the big corporations with the lawyers and the accountants and the lobbyists, they can manage that uncertainty, and they find a way to happen. if you don't have that, then the mandate lands straight on your laps, and that's when livelihoods are affected. there's a pub in staten island that is declared an autonomous
5:07 am
zone and says we will stay open because our lives mean a lot more than some silly government mandate. all right, president trump promising to fight the vote counts in wisconsin and pennsylvania, claiming his legal team has evidence of many, quote, many illegal ballots. kevin corke is live in washington with what happens next. >> reporter: pete, good to be with you, my friend. that posture comes after another setback in pennsylvania, but that setback, as a you can well imagine, is certainly going to be followed by yet another appeal and maybe a visit to the u.s. supreme court let me take you to twitter, share what the president had to say about that setback. he said the number of ballots that our campaign is challenging in pennsylvania in that case is far large or than the 81,000-vote margin. it's not on close. fraud and illegality are a big part of the case. documents being completed, we will appeal. there's been an argument9 that certain changes in election laws
5:08 am
in that state were in violation of both state and federal statute, but the high court in pennsylvania says such allegations should have been brought sooner so as to not disenfranchise millions of pennsylvania voters. in fact, the a.g. in the state, josh shapiro, a democrat, said: we just notched another win for democracy. the pennsylvania supreme court has dismissed the suit that was attempting to throw out the votes of 2.5 million pennsylvanians and halt certification. which is actually not entirely accurate, but they were trying to halt that certification. we'll see if that goes ahead and moves forward even as the appeals process plays out. jenna ellis, by the way, trump campaign attorney said this on twitter, she said: this is a fight for the very integrity of our entire system, article ii. and a quick reminder, we want to hear what the president has to say about all this, we invite everyone to join us at 10 p.m., maria bartiromo, my good friend, will have an exclusive interview
5:09 am
with the commander in chief right here on fox news channel. guys, back to you. pete: kevin corke, thank you very much. it's an interesting moment where the people have been saying we need to see the evidence, and we get further away from election day so the tension gets higher, and if you talk to the trump legal team, they will until you that process is actually going better than it is publicly known, and they've gathered the evidence. these challenges they think will be more fruitful when they reach the supreme court. ultimately, if you don't have observers, if the vote is paused, it does call into question how much fraud could have been committed. do people who vote in person have a different set of protocols than those who were mailed in and were state legislatures ignored. those are big constitutional questions that would call into question the vote itself, so we'll see what the supreme court thinks, but this moves forward by the day. jedediah: yeah. and we also, you know, we can talk about universal mail-in balloting and how, obviously,
5:10 am
there's a lot of different opinions about that. i think with respect to pennsylvania the issue was the delay and the enormous amount of time, over a year, between when it was enacted and when it was challenged because so many people voted based on the assumption that their vote would count. they were told these mail-in ballots would count, so why would they believe otherwise? in order to undo that, you would have to invalidate all of those votes, which would be something -- [inaudible conversations] jedediah: we will see. pete: the legislature would have the prerogative to potentially do. they wouldn't have to give it to president trump, they can just say we don't even see electors. will: three quick points. number one, the success of the legal challenges will be seen. it has not met much so far. number two, it turns out into a pretty -- into a political fight in arizona and pennsylvania. that also will be coming to fruition very, very quickly, but last point, that mail-in
5:11 am
balloting fight should go on for quite some time because it's an issue that needs to be debated whether or not president trump is successful in his legal challenges. that is a major issue in the future of american elections. we've got to move on. turning now to some headlines for you this morning starting with this fox news alert. a police officer is shot in the chest while responding to a call in minnesota. this happening in the town of albert lea which is 90 minutes south of minneapolis. the department revealing the officer was able to drive to the nearest hospital and has been released. the suspect also shooting two other people. s.w.a.t. negotiators are trying to get the man to surrender right now. several amazon employees hospitalized overnight of after being exposed to potentially hazardous material in southern california. firefighters say 150 mows were evacuated from this fulfillment center just east of los angeles. at least six people were taken to the hospital. hazmat crews were not able to find the substance, the center
5:12 am
is back open now. and mike tyson's return to the ring ended in a draw. iron mike going eight rounds against roy jones jr. in a charity exhibition. match. tyson said he was good with the tie, but he did, press interest in a rematch. meanwhile, snoop dogg got a win for his commentary with lines like -- [laughter] this is like two of my uncles fighting at a barbecue. not snoop's first time in the announcer's booth, he called an nhl game, the los angeles kingings. and those are your headlines. snoop got not a big fan of mine. pete: really? [laughter] my next google search -- jedediah: i will be google searching that. [laughter] okay. up next, imagine a stranger coming to your home and claiming they own your property. that's the scene plague out in the seattle -- playing out in the seattle lawyer. we have details on the attempted
5:13 am
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for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to ♪ ♪ jedediah: here's a good question, what would you do if someone knocked on your front door and told you that your house belonged to them? that's the situation some seattle area residents have found themselves in. an extremist group has been attempting to cease property, even telling one homeowner she's evicted. let's bring in jason rants who has been following the story. this sounds a little wild. let's take a look at who are the sovereign citizens first.
5:17 am
founded in 1990, claim to be part of a sovereign nation making them somehow immune to laws. violence has escalated to bank robberies, shootings and murders. this all sounds like something you would find in a movie. what's going on here, jason? >> it's very peak 2020. the only way it could get even weirder is if they were able to weaponize the asian giant murder hornets with covid. it does seem like it's out of a movies. the good news is so far in the city of edmund if, they're kind of -- they're forceful but they're polite when asking people to leave are. they believe that the laws don't actually apply to them because they were the first settlers here x so they go about pretending that they own the land. they've chosen waterfront property in the city of edmunds, presumably so they don't have to deal with the traffic and crime of seattle, and so far at least they've not been successful. there is obvious concern when
5:18 am
someone's just knocking on your door and making these demands because it is kind of creepy and it can be kind of scary. jedediah: yeah. obviously, the fear here, someone knocks on your door and says, oh, by the e way, your home is mine, the fear is that could's escalate into violence and suddenly someone feels like they need to defend themselves. obvious question, are people turning their homes over? are people who are saying you've got the paperwork, let me just pack up, give me a few minutes? >> no, so far that's not happened. these are squatters, and what they've been successful doing in the past is they try to find new homes or homes that are el empty, so they end up breaking into homes that no one is in or is in the transition of going from a new homeowner from the old homeowner. so they've got that sort of leeway to go in before other people get in there. so far at least in the last 30 days they've made contact with, i believe, at least four homeowners, and they've all
5:19 am
smartly said, no, we actually own the property, please get off my property, and they leave. jedediah: yeah. and it looks like, i mean, what is concerning, it looks like these individuals are making a living off selling bogus documents. i'm looking at a list here, bogus legal documents, fake license plates, counterfeit task forbes i mean, this could get really complicated for people who would believe these documents are real. this isn't quite as simple or funny as it seems upon first sight as well. >> totally. you could see how this could take advantage of people of a certain age, for example. people that will get e-mails that seem just real enough to click on the link and end up giving over life savings. there is that legitimate concern, and that's why law enforcement here in washington state are taking it seriously, and they are monitoring the situation9. not just because they're not currently breaking the law
5:20 am
doesn't mean there's no law enforcement looking into it. jedediah: 2020, jason, it really is something, i'll tell you that. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much. j e jed coming up, iran vowing to realuate after one of their top nuclear scientists was taken out in an assassination. general jack keane is here with what this means for middle east stability. today's ways of working may work differently tomorrow.
5:21 am
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5:24 am
more than 150 people during anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protests in london. bottles and smoke bombs were thrown. police say protesters were detained for breaking mass gathering restrictions and assaulting officers. over to you, pete. pete: iran's supreme leader vowing definitive punishment for those involved in the assassination of iran's top military scientist believed to be linked to iran's nuclear program. this comes as the pentagon orders the uss numb miss back to the -- nimitz back to the persian gulf. let's bring in fox news senior strategic analyst and retired four-star general jack coon to weigh in. -- jack keane to weigh in. when you look at this assassination that we believe was likely done by the israelis, what is the impact of this? >> well, i think clearly what they're trying to say, the israelis, certainly they have intelligence that we're not
5:25 am
privy to have publicly, so the united states is sharing that with them. the israelis have always believed and they have the evidence to prove it that iran really intends to build a nuclear weapon. they went into tehran in 2018, in january, and cleaned out a warehouse of classified information that they brought back to tel aviv, and it revealed absolutely that iran is developing nuclear weapons, and and they fully intend to despite the nuclear deal. so that's really the issue here. what the israelis have attempted to do, pete, is below the level of conflict, delay the development of these weapons as much as possible. and it explains why there's explosions taking place all over iran in the last year to include one at that stands which is a uranium enrichment facility, widely believed to be the mossad doing this in an espionage campaign along with iranian resistance groups. why?
5:26 am
to slow down the development of their nuclear enterprise. pete: for israel it's existential. it may be academic for others, but iran has said quite clearly what they would do with a nuclear weapon. now, they're saying they're going to retaliate. do you believe it'll be significant or something they can just use for internal propaganda to make it look like they did? >> well, i think the election certainly will have an impact on the iranians. they never really significantly are retaliated for qassem soleimani being killed by the trump administration last january -- pete: correct. >> and that is because they wanted to see the outcome of the election. now it appears that we're heading towards a biden presidency, and i believe they will meterrer their response because -- meter their response because the one thing they don't want to do is with a new administration so poison the well that they're not going to be able to get the sanction relief that they believe this administration will give them
5:27 am
the. so i suspect that will cause them to limit their response somewhat. they don't want to walk up the ladder of escalation to that degree with a new administration and, therefore, put any negotiated deal off the table. pete: so potentially lob a few missiles and say it was revenge and move on to see if they can get a better deal and move toward a bomb which is, ultimately, what we know they want. now, not everyone agrees it was a good move, in fact, ex-cia director john brennan said this: this was a criminal act and highly reckless. it risks, lethal retaliation and a new round of regional conflict. iranian leaders would be wise to wait for the return of responsible leadership to resist the urge to respond against perceived culprits. was this a criminal act? he probably would have said the same thing about killing qassem soleimani. >> that's pretty extraordinary
5:28 am
to say something like that. in the face of what israel is dealing with iran, iran is a threat to the united states. they've proven that. they've blown up our embassies, they've killed our soldiers in iraq, they've killed thousands of us in 40 years, but they're not an existential threat. nuclear weapons in their hands with ballistic missiles and the continuous and repeated threat to destroy the astronaut of israel, iran is an existential threat to the survival of of israel. that is why their determination and resolve is so different, and i'm stunned that a former cia director would not recognize this level of intensity and determination for what it really is, is to protect the security of the israeli people. pete: he knows better, and he knows it. general jack keane, thank you very much for your time. we appreciate it. >> good talking to you, pete. happy sunday. pete: always great talking to you. still ahead, pennsylvania's high
5:29 am
court dismissing a case against the is state's mail-in ballots. sean parnell is part of that lawsuit, he was a candidate from 020, and he -- 2020, and he says the fight is far from over. ♪ it's all right now. ♪ jumping jack flash, it's a gas, gas gas ♪ history also destroyed the lives of thousands of jewish survivors
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to celebrate the miracle of hanukkah. this is the first time in over 70 years that she has anything to do with faith. the communists came and wiped it out. and now we're coming to her and saying, "it's okay to have faith." it's okay to light the hanukkah candles. for just $25, you can help supply the essential foods they desperately need for one month. i just want to encourage all of you to join with yael eckstein and the wonderful work of the international fellowship of christians and jews. god tells us to take care of them, to feed the hungry. and i pray holocaust survivors will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive.
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5:33 am
♪ >> happy thanksgiving, daddy. >> one more time. >> oh, my god. -- [laughter] >> wait. pete: there's always that pause. jedediah: a military police commander leaving his kids stunned and speechless as he surprises them on thanksgiving. will: patrick potter returning after serving overseas in southeast asia. potter, who had been deployed since january, interrupted their kids as they were recording a christmas message for him. it's true, there always is this pause. pete: and then they react. of. [laughter] jedediah: amazing. well, pennsylvania supreme court, a judge deemed a case likely to succeed. our next guest who filed the lawsuit says it's not over yet. congressional candidate sean parnell joins us with the
5:34 am
latest. sean, good morning. >> good morning. pete: break down your case, because you have made what we believe to be a very solid one. where are you with it, where does it go next? >> well, i asked my team and my attorneys to build a pretty rigorous constitutional case around act 77, pennsylvania's no excuse absentee voting law. and what we found is that act 77, when it was passed, was clearly unconstitutional because it requires a constitutional amendment to the pa constitution to make the law lawful. so in order to pass sweeping electoral change in the state of pennsylvania, it requires a back to back vote in the general i asystem by, and then -- assembly, and it has to be advertised in two separate newspapers for three months, and then act 77 should have been put on the ballot in a referendum so that the people can have a say in how elections in pennsylvania are you canned. now, i -- conducted. now, i think the general assembly, along with our
5:35 am
governor, knew that a constitutional amendment was required when they initially passed the law, so they started the process. but i believe they 1207ed it -- stopped it because that process is onerous and difficult. it's onerous and difficult for a reason, because sweeping electoral change should be difficult because, again, the framers of the pa constitution intended to give the people of pennsylvania a say in how elections are conducted. now many in the media are portraying this as the plaintiff in this lawsuit wants to throw out 2.5 million mail-in votes. no, that's not the case we're trying to make. the cause we're trying to make is unconstitutional election laws disenfranchise all a pa voters. this 1-7b -- this isn't a case of mail-in ballots good or bad, is act 77 the most sweeping electoral change in the state of pennsylvania in probably 200 years, is act 37
5:36 am
constitutional -- 77 constitutional, and really we're going to the courts so that they can help us find a remedy so that voters all across the state of pennsylvania aren't disenfranchised. will: honestly, sean, whether or not mail-in balloting is good or bad is a debate we should have going forward, but aha's not -- but that's notes inly the grounds for your suit, i understand that. you laid out the constitutional issues for the court. what do you say to the supreme court of pennsylvania who rejected your case saying, essentially, that while you might have been right in the constitutional issues to address there in pennsylvania about how election laws are changed, you waited too long? you waited until the election results came back and that you needed to bring this up within 180 days of that law being passed. what do you say to that? >> i say, first of all, there's no statute of limitations on the constitutionality of a law, number one. and number two, will, even if i had brought the case back when the law was passed, i wasn't a candidate so, therefore, i would have no legal standing to show
5:37 am
this law caused me harm in any way. i would have walked in and they would have said, wait, you're not a candidate, the harm that you're bringing to us is colorly speck speculative. been clearly speculative. but in their ruling they said i waited too long, and they dismissed my case with prejudice -- will: you were in a catch 22. before you can't, after they're saying you're trying to reverse the election. >> yeah, well, correct, which is clear, which is not what i'm trying to do. i'm trying to bring clarity to an election where 50% of the people in the state of pennsylvania is no clarify. and the fact is because they dismissed my case with prejudice will, they're saying anybody else in the commonwealth of pennsylvania can challenge the unconstitutionality of act 77 but me. i find that to be a pretty terrible thing. we had hoped that the state of pennsylvania, that the pennsylvania supreme court would take their oath to the constitution seriously and not put party before their oath to the constitution but, clearly, i
5:38 am
think this is a blatant political act on their part, and the pa supreme court has become, in effect, an extension of the democrat governor of pennsylvania. and, again, what we're trying to do is not overturn the results of an election. what we're trying to do is provide a sense of clarity to everybody in pennsylvania who cast a ballot whether it was by mail or in person. jedediah: yeah. you know, sean, i think the issue that arises for people when it comes to the timing is that it was so long, it was over a year between when it was enacted and when, you know, the charges were brought. and the problem is the voters, right? >> i agree. jedediah: the people who saw the ruling and said, okay, this is the way i can vote, this is accepted, this is deemed appropriate, i'm going to vote via mail-in ballot and now suddenly are being told, wait a second, the may not have been legal. so they're feeling like their votes may not count, and that's the problem here. i want to ask you a question about fraud itself because when i read the concurring statement that was filed by this
5:39 am
particular judge, dade wecht -- david wecht, they have failed to allege on a single mail-in ballot was fraudulently cast or k0u7b9ed. is that true? is it more an issue that you're taking with how mail-in balloting was approved to begin with? >> right. yeah, jed, we're bringing a strictly constitutional case and raising a question about the constitutionality of act 77. and, jed, to your point, we're concerned about those 2.5 million pennsylvanians who cast their ballot by mail as well, and i think that, you know, when we find out a law is unconstitutional whether democrat or republican, i believe we have a tooth and an obligation to -- duty to challenge that. again, i'm bringing this case to the pa supreme court, and i'm hoping to actually bring it to the supreme court as well because i think while this is a state issue, there are federal questions nested within it that i think need clarification so
5:40 am
that pennsylvania voters can have a sense this election was, in fact, free and fair. pete: sean is, you're right. your case is anchored in the constitution, but i know from following your race you certainly don't feel like everything was aboveboard in the way balloting happened. real quick, how quick could it go to the supreme court? >> well, we're going to file an emergency motion today to see if we can get it into -- in 23r07b of the supreme court. we'll see. there are lemmtys that we're -- remedies that we're pursuing right now. pete: sean parnell, thanks for keeping up the fight. >> thank you, everybody. will: thanks, sean. jedediah: we appreciate it, thanks. the celebrity-backed time's up organization reportedly only spent a small fraction of its funding on helping victims. new york post reporting much of the foundation and its lobbying arm, time's up now, used 38% of its nearly $3.7 million budget on salaries alone compared to only $312,000 on legal defense
5:41 am
funds for victims. hollywood celebrities started time's up charities two years ago to fight sexual harassment. and take a look at this, a driver crashing a ferrari on a chicago street. authorities say it wipes out along a curb, rolling over before catching on fire. the driver and passenger were able to escape with only minor injuries and, get this, it was being rented for the weekend. no word on what caused the driver to lose control. and this video is nuts. a woman in minnesota catching a squirrel. this is amazing, getting tip key. katie says she put old pears occupant in her garden without reading they might be fermented. that's when she caught this little guy getting buzzed in her backyard, swaying back and forth before using a bowl to help regain his balance. she says the squirrel returned the next day and was feeling fine. i saw this on social media, and i was -- i can't.
5:42 am
did you guys know these squirrels could get drunk off fermented fruit? will: no, but it made sense. president if president the squirrel returned the next day looking for more booze? if. [laughter] will: quick turn here. coming up, he was the epitome of the more than dream and now his life story's being told on film. we're talking about herman cain and his daughter joins us. that's after the break. ♪ this is our country. ♪ there's room enough here -- wee for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started.
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>> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ will: a new documentary is exploring the life of the late herman cain, highlighting how he came from poverty and rose to the top. >> i grew up poor which is even
5:46 am
worse than being poor. my american dream entailed working hard and making $20,000 a year, but i surpassed that goal and became a corporate ceo. i never shied away from hard work, never shied away from, you know, any sort of challenge or anything like that because that's my attitude. will: joining me now is the daughter of herman cain, dr. melanie cain gallo and film maker of from poor to ceo. doctor, i'll start with you, or i met your dad once, we were on the same set e, and he said my brother from another mother. [laughter] tell me, please, about your dad and what viewers can learn from watching this documentary. >> well, the main thing behind anything he did was faith and family. that drove all of his decisions in business and in every area of
5:47 am
his life. it always boiled down to husband faith and his family -- his faith and his family, and that's exactly what this documentary highlights. will: barry, let's take a quick look at the documentary, and i'm going to ask you what inspired you to make this film. here's one more clip from herman cain on his work ethic. >> back then in my mom's and dad's generation, any work was good work, and nothing was inconvenient. i saw work thick. i didn't have to be thought work ethic. i saw it firsthand, and it had a big impression on me. will: barry, ma inspired you to -- what inspired you to make a film on herman cain? >> he's just an incredibly inspiring person. i knew about his personality e and when i met him and started to find out more and more about his story, he was such a humble man as well. he wouldn't just come out and tell you all these things, but the more i asked him questions,
5:48 am
i'd always be quizzing him, the more i found out things like that about his work ethic and where he came from in life, and i was just truly inspired. i think he represents everything that is good about america. will: what's the main message if of the movie? >> his faith, like melanie said. his faith got him through everything. this is, again, a man who came through the segregated south, overcame so many different obstacles in business, health, and he just always used his faith as husband foundation. and i think that's something that not everyone knows and understands. and as i did research with the movie and just seeing how everybody perceived herman, they kind of had their preconceived notions, and i think they need to see the movie to see the real man, and his faith was first and foremost. and like melanie said, his family. will: faith, family, work ethic, there's so many themes here. one of the biggest in america right now front and center is race. you've talked about this. race was obviously a big part of
5:49 am
your dad's experience but not what defined hum. can you tell me more about that? >> definitely. i mean, he obviously grew up in the segregated south, and so he experienced all of the things that, you know, we hear about from those times. but he made it his work to overcome those barriers. and whenever he would face a challenge, he would pray and he would work and he would focus and use that to drive him past whatever barriers that would come his way. will: i can't wait to look at this film. obviously, herman cain was a member of the fox news family, and i can speak firsthand experience what an incredibly charismatic individual. everybody around him, honestly, wanted to be around him for a little bit longer. >> right. will: we appreciate both of your time and sharing this with us. >> thank you very much.
5:50 am
really appreciate it. will: all right. up next, whether you're looking for gifts for work or play, chip wade has you covered. he's sharing his gift guide. awesome deals you can still get this weekend. ♪ ♪
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5:54 am
good morning. >> good morning. rest, work and play, we're going to start with rest. we have the serta hybrid mattress. it does come in a box so you can wrap it up and put it under the three, but it's a top-rated mattress. it's got the memory foam gel, awesome. you can find this exclusively at lowe's right now. for the tool mutt in your life, this is an -- nut in your life, this is from crescent tools. these plyer sets are amazing. i love the narrower type pliers. again, the whole set, amazing. even the shears. look at this, amazing. really, really awesome. for the outdoor nut you always can get a lawnmower, this is the dreamworks pro 60-volt 20-inch self- propelled mow we are. this is amazing, you can get $100 off of this right now on home all right, next up let's talk
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about some play. we have got an electric bike for the ages. this is a partnership, the jeep edition with quiet tack. this has a 50-mile range. this thing is a tank. i got this thing up to about 30 miles per hour and strong enough to put a trailer behind it. it even has a smaller version called the ripper that's great for smaller folks. i got my son on it right now. he'll be able to keep up over rock, snow, mountains, whatever. it's going to be amazing. all right. continuing this may theme, check out the one wheel. now, this is no skateboard, i would fall off a skateboard. i can say on the one wheel. so can my dad, my mom. this thing is amazing because it's stable on road and off road. it has a really long range. you just charge it up, but it's also extremely customizable. the xr right now has $175 off. the smaller version has $75 off, and there's 25% off all accessories right now, so a
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great gift. kids will love it, mom and dad will love it. right, jt? and finally, a pogo stick. we probably all grew up with one of these, vertigo pogo came out with one that's made for grown-ups and older folks to be able to get some exercise safely. you notice that the step is only 12 inches off the ground, and it has a limit of just a couple of bounce height. but this is awesome for exercise. you don't necessarily have to get out and go to the gym, but it's also really safe. i tried it, takes a second to get use are to and then it's a ton of fun, and we can relive our childhood. i've got all this on wade with works -- wade works check out the blog in cause you missed something, but have an awesome holiday. will: that one wheel is on one of my son's christmas lists. i'd also like to know the
5:57 am
difference between an electric bike and a moped. all right, thanks so much. >> thank, guys. will: coming up, the fbi spied on him, now carter page is suing them for $75 million, and carter joins us live in the next hour. ♪ ♪ we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to ...
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6:00 am
>> when it's all right, and it's coming on we got to get it right back to where we started from ♪ pete: get right back to where she started from the hope, the dream of fox & friends on this sunday morning, the year of our lord 2020 and the fourth hour is that will keeps asking, what's fox & friends really like what's it like, you know, when on the plaza formerly known as the plaza now fox square and we'll get there, we're going to get there, hang with us because that's exactly where we want to be too. will: competitions, big
6:01 am
christmas special, when do we get back to where we started from it's not just a question jedediah for fox & friends but actually country as well right now. jedediah: yeah, you may regret asking that question about fox & friends because we get a little crazy here there's bull riding that happens, i mean nothing is off the table let's just say that, will cain. will: i'm ready. i'm in. jedediah: we'll get back to there soon and a lot of the country is eager to get back to some level of normalcy as well you're correct so we are going to begin with a big story we're following this morning, the covid vaccine has made it to america the first batch reportedly arriving at chicago's o'hare airport kevin corke is live amid a flurry of virus developments, kevin what's the latest? reporter: great news indeed as the country and for the world inches ever so close to getting a vaccine and as you pointed out whether you're a business owner or just an individual and a family we are all looking forward to that so we can hopefully get back to normal life. you talked about it united airlines making news flying chartered planes between
6:02 am
brussels and chicago o'hare as the first mass airshipment of the vaccine supported by the faa and the news of securing the charter flights comes as pfizer has begun to lay the foundation to move the vaccine quickly once the fda and other regulators give it the green light. that vaccine, by the way, has been called more than 90% effective at stopping people from getting sick during phase iii trials so let's all hope for the very best. now all this is by the way happening as the national football league copes with a surge in covid-based player restrictions. the denver broncos my denver broncos will have to use a practice squad quarterback after a positive case among one of the team's quarterbacks and subsequent contact tracing has now sidelined all four of the team's qb's on top of eight team players listed by the raver s including nflmvp lama r jackson and the 49 ers are dealing with a county-based about i-covid restriction which keep them from
6:03 am
working out so the games continue for now a little inconsistent in how they are handling the delays, but for now back to you. pete: kevin i did not know you were a broncos guy. >> three time world champion denver broncos. pete: i'm sorry i stand corrected our viewers may not know you used to be a sports broadcast eras well so what should the denver broncos do, what would you do? >> here is what i would do. i liked what somebody suggested earlier, you know, maybe get on the phone and you say listen, john elway, can you come downstairs and maybe fill in for a day? pete: i like it. >> but seriously i'd petition the league to obviously postpone this game and if they refuse to do so, i would actually run phillip winsey, he's an outstanding runningback for the team, i'd run him in sort of that seven on seven texas-style you see a lot of the kids run. pete: wildcat.
6:04 am
>> just let him get out there and do what he needs to do. i think that they can probably put up some points guys we'll see i'll be watching i promise you that. will: before we grow i'll let you go with this , you might have three but the dallas cowboys have five. there's a reason they're an american team. thank you, kevin. >> you bet. [laughter] will: we joke and we laugh. it is a serious issue. it's a conundrum for the denver broncos today because they are playing a non-quarterback at quarterback but the point is how covid is affecting every aspect of our lives, big corporations like the nfl are forcing teams to now do the unthinkable when it comes to the san francisco 49 ers, go homeless, essentially, as santa clara said no contact sports in that county that despite no scientific data or backups suggests you can contract covid through the course of play but it's not the nfl that truly matters it's how all of this is affecting small businesses. pete: absolutely it is andburges
6:05 am
s owens was on earlier and pointed out the nfl is able to stow open at some level but the small guys, jed the ones we're more familiar with still feeling the crush and hearing from leaders it will be a dark winter and you still have to wear a mask even after you have a vaccine it just seems and feels endless and all they want is the ability to open up and do so responsibly. jedediah: you know, i think covid-19 has brought up a lot of important questions that we're asking ourselves. we're talking about the vaccine, now i guarantee you we're going to be having conversations about vaccine mandates and the potential of that and will that happen and could that happen. we've talked about shutdowns and lockdowns and whether, you know, people in positions of political authority should be able to exercise that authority over citizens and ways that they have , and we've talked about things like personal responsibility and what that means when you realize that you're facing a very contagious virus that affects certain vulnerable communities more than others, so i think as well as healthcare. i mean we could go on and on, health and wellness, but i think
6:06 am
its brought a lot of important topics to the surface that need to be addressed and talked about , and if there is any silver lining to the horror that has that virus it's that these conversations are happening now and need to happen and it's forcing us to figure out who we are and what we stand for. will: as we talked this morning about getting back to normal the hope for getting back to normal there's also a return of sorts to what was normal before the trump presidency. a presumptive joe biden cab cabinet is beginning to take shape and that's caused many like the new york post to put out an op-ed like this calling for his primaries cabinet for his presidency to be swamp things ii, being dubbed by the new york post. you can see there, that's what they say. swamp things ii, essentially a return to the way things are done in washington d.c. pete: absolutely, i mean, the voters in 2016 sent a
6:07 am
foreign apex predator into the swamp to try to clean it up and of course, the swamp is going to form together to attempt to reject that. should joe biden end up being the president? he is shown his hand that he wants to usher in obama 2.0. that's effectively that's the circle of people that he's surrounding himself with. corey lewandowski was a trump campaign senior advisor had similar things to say. here is what he said. >> this is an extension of the obama's first two terms in office, and remember, when assha d used chemical weapon s and donald trump was the president, 59 missiles went into make sure that innocent men , women and children would no longer be under that regime and be attacked for their beliefs, so that's a far cry of what biden and the obama administration have done. this is an extension of the obama administration. this is a return to the swamp thing. jedediah: you know, politics for
6:08 am
a really really long time and he is an establishment guy and i think that he feels i don't know but my sense is that he feels this is what people want, right? they were maybe craving this return to, you know, oh, joe's safe he's not going to rattle anything too much, he's going to, he's not going to be on twitter making a lot of noise and pick people that we know and recognize and it's going to be simple and uncomplicated. he will, of course face challenges when it comes to a lot of topics and issues from the more left-leaning wing, the progressives in his party who really want to bring about big change and were convinced that joe biden be the guy to usher that change in, they may be right or wrong that remains to be seen but one of the key issues we've talked about with respect to change is not only relates to black lives matter but also relates to the defund the police movement and where joe biden will stand on that issue, what he will speak out for , or against, and a lot remains to be seen as remember, joe biden was kind of on the fence on a lot of stuff during the campaign, wasn't doing a lot of press conferences
6:09 am
trying to say the left i say the better was a strategy but now a lot of people are asking questions. one of those people is dr. mali na abdula, lead organizer of dlm los angeles chapter and he said wider capitalized on our efforts to de fund the police and tried to condemn the words at the same time and we want to be clear that as we happily usher out the trump regime we will not accept liberal white supremacy in the white house in the form of joe biden. sounds like the black lives matter movement, pete, is not happy with joe biden already, seems to question whether or not he will be an allie and has a lot of questions they are going to be continuing to ask during his administration. pete: so now joe biden is a white supremacist too, so it gives you a sense of exactly where many people inside black lives matter are. america, to them, is an evil country, defined by the sins of the past, stolen from indians built on on the backs of slaves. it's 1619 not 1776 and when an entire party, will, in a
6:10 am
democrat party, accepts that kind of ideology into the fold then you will be held to account for that and you will be beholden in many ways and expect you to follow through especially when you do the double-speak. the one part of that quote that is correct is that they mouthed the words to sort of signal to people that want to defund the police, hey, we're with you but then they try to distance themselves when being accused of it. you can't win that double game forever and it's bad for everybody but just letting it into the bloodstream creates a place where one of our parties is infected with the belief america is evil. will: here is how i think those two stories relate to each other. some might look at a potential of a primaries biden administration and see familiar names from the obama administration and see normalcy others will see return to the swamp and establishment and institutions and institutions they've come to distrust. why? because radical voices like that which we just read from black lives matter will have undue influence on institutions. look at the last six months whether it's corporations or political parties those kind of
6:11 am
radical viewpoints have we'lled unnormal power, not a return to normalcy but radicalism and those viewpoints have found homes in institutions like corporations and political parties. we will find out if joe biden's return to the swamp also bends to that. pete: you're totally right. could it be normalcy, establishment or radicalism as you said. remember, barack obama said he wanted to fundamentally transform america. he just made it look a little bit nicer. now, under president trump, they've sort of exposed themselves for the naked leftist s they are how do they manage that. will: we'll turn to a few more headlines starting with a fox news alert. a police officer is shot in the chest while responding to a call in minnesota. this happening in the town of albert lee which is 90 miles south of minneapolis. the department revealing the officer was able to drive to the nearest hospital and has been released. the suspect also shooting two other people, swat negotiators are trying to get the man to surrender right now.
6:12 am
>> david prouse, the actor and body builder who filled out darth vader's tall frame in the original star wars trilogy has died. >> i am the father. will: now that voice you hear is obviously james earl jones. he voiced darth vader but it was prous's six foot seven inch frame that hid beneath the armor and he was 85 years old. >> actor mark hamil paid tribute and tweeted, so sad to hear david prouse has passed he was a kind man and much much more than darth vader. >> nba star tristan thompson becomes a u.s. citizen after signing his contract with the celtics. the canadian-born athlete was sworn in just before thanksgiving. citizenship and immigration services posted this picture with a quote from thompson saying i came to the u.s. on a student visa and have always had big dreams and i'm now truly living that american dream.
6:13 am
he came on a student visa, by the way, to the texas longhorns. those are your mornings headlines. pete: he gets it in. will: over to you, jedediah. jedediah: coming up, the supreme court rejecting a louisiana pastor's plea for help as he faces charges for violating coronavirus orders but he's not giving up the fight. that pastor joins us live with what's next. >> nobody going to slow me down , oh, no, i've got to keep on moving ♪ sharing smiles together is a gift. at aspen dental, it's easy to gift yourself the smile you deserve. new patients, get started with a comprehensive exam and full set of x-rays with no obligation. and if you don't have insurance, it's free. plus, get 20% off your treatment plan. enjoy flexible payment options and savings when it matters most. we're here to make your smile shine bright
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jedediah: our next guest is a pastor in louisiana who is facing a slew of charges for violating state order since the start of the pandemic including crowd size restriction s at churches. on friday supreme court justice alito rejected the petition for
6:17 am
emergency relief from the charges and here with what's next is church pastor tony self. pastor welcome to the show. i've been following the story and some of it, frankly, is a little bit confusing in terms of the supreme court rulings and how they're weighing in on different states, different ways, but first and foremost want to get your reaction to the rejection of your petition. >> yes, at this time, governor john bell edwards has ignored the united states constitution and the first amendment. he's ignored the louisiana state constitution. he has sued his own louisiana legislature and at this time, the united states supreme court was not prepared to hear our case and we will appeal it to the court of appeals where we had been two times already. the first time, we did not have a very favorable ruling but had some good wording; however, with
6:18 am
the 5-4 ruling this week in the catholic arch archdiocese all of the language that was used by the nine justices, especially those five, we can use in our lawsuits now, coming back that's through the ranks, on our way back to the united states supreme court. jedediah: pastor, you've cited first amendment issue here when it came to the supreme court. do you have any indication as to why the supreme court rejected it? the reason i find it odd is because they ruled against capacity restrictions at religious services in parts of new york, that was part of cuomo 's cluster initiative and they ruled against that and seemingly rejected for petition which seems odd to me. did you get feedback or have insight as to why it was reject ed? >> they rejected it chief justice alito rejected it without explanation. we had the purists lawsuit in the court system because for the past nine months, we had stood not only on our first
6:19 am
amendment rights, that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion but our lawsuit clearly states the decision to assemble lives within the jurisdiction of the church and not the state and for what reason they didn't want to hear that we do not know. we did not, like the catholic archdiocese, sue on strict scrutiny, equal protection, and least-restricted means: we didn't want equal protection. we wanted greater than protection that is awarded us through the first amendment and the two words "no law", and even with the good ruling, however, having rejected our case with the good ruling of the 5-4, like i said, it sures up our case so much greater than it was before. we didn't need any help that
6:20 am
barrett and gorsuch has used all of these things helped us tremendously. jedediah: yeah, and pastor obviously the justification given by the governor in this case and other governors is that this could be potentially problematic for the spread of covid-19 but almost fascinated in all of this though is the arbitrary nature of these rulings. we'll look into it even more and follow these stories and thank you for bringing your perspective today. >> thank you. jedediah: still ahead the new york times slammed for their report on the killing of iran's top nuclear scientist, which highlighted iran's defense of their nuclear ambitions, joe con cha on that next.
6:21 am
6:22 am
6:23 am
pete: we're back with quick headlines at the show we call it
6:24 am
mini news. kobe bryant's hall of fame induction will now happen, excuse me, next may. the nba pushing it back because of covid-19. kim duncan and kevin garnette k g among those also being inducted. >> and in college football alabama taking down auburn 42-13 despite head coach nick sabin missing the game due to covid-19. quarterback trevor lawrence coming out of quarantine to a 52 -17 victory over pittsburgh and meanwhile texas a &m beating lsu 20-7 and vanderbilt calling up sarah fuller as kicker making her the first woman to play in a power conference game and the c ommodores falling to missouri 31-0 and i'm told that it was a potential swift kick if that makes sense. will: yes. jedediah: we've been telling you about iran warning of punishment and vowing to retaliate after a
6:25 am
top nuclear scientist is assassinated. pete: the new york times under fire for its take, writing this. iranian officials who have always maintained that their nuclear ambitions are for peaceful purposes not weapon s expressed fury and vowed revenge over the assassination calling it an act of terrorism and war mongering. will: here to react fox news contributor media opinion columnist for the hill, joe concha. joe? what do we make of this new york times response? >> that's really something. you know, i had to do a double take i thought it may have come from the iran inquirer or tmz except the t standing forte ran tehran. when you start maintaining that iran is only using their nuclear program for peaceful purposes and taking their word at it at ayatollah'spr firm couldn't write that any better when you consider that the u.s. state department considers iran the biggest sponsor of state- sponsored terror throughout the world, so, again, we've seen this before in terms
6:26 am
of you remember earlier this year, and boy this year has been a long decade hasn't it, as far as general soleimani when he was killed and they said master of iran's intrigue in building a she i'd access of power in the middle east that's it and then it brings you back to the washington post if you remember when isis leader baghdadi was killed and there is the new york times headline when they referred to him as an astoot school after that used to play soccer as a child before he visited his mosque again we are with these terror leaders and in this case, a nuclear scientist in these headlines, and it's just amazing that these leading newspapers continue to do this when you consider what iran represents, as you know very well, pete, and what they're capable of through terror organizations like hamas. jedediah: so joe, what do you make of public perception of media on these particular issues you know, when it comes to domestic issues when it comes to
6:27 am
joe biden versus donald trump i think you get a lot more of a split but when you're talking about a place like iran is there more universal backlash from the public when they see that media organizations refuse to simply call things what they are when it comes to international presence, that is, you know, is what it is? >> it certainly seems that way, at least, thank god, because it it is a universal mockery that we're seeing at this point and i'll leave it here with ben rhod es, the deputy national security advisor under president obama and he once bragged about how he was able to dupe reporter s who were young and don't have any world experience in selling the iran deal and then they would just marvel that exactly what they said to these reporters would end up in print, so yeah, that's a bit of a problem not having too many reporters on the international stage, but that's where we're at at this point guys. pete: parroting the narratives of our enemies makings you would wonder what's the press. >> i got to go by the way because i've been summoned to
6:28 am
denver. i don't know if you've heard but i've been called to play quarterback for them today. they are apparently very low, i got the jersey and the hat. next flight out, the saints defense, better beware. will: they gave you number 7 they really believe in you there , joe. >> un unretired elway for me. pete: joe concha. the fbi spied on him and now carter page is suing them for $75 million and carter page joins us, live, after the break. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ upbeat music
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for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to pete: former trump campaign advisor carter page filing a $75 million lawsuit against the doj and fbi over what he calls unlawful surveillance as part of the special counsel's investigation into alleged russian collusion. carter page joins us now he's also the author of abuse of power how an innocent american was frame in an attempted coo against the president. carter page thank you so much for being here this morning i should remind our viewers as well you went to the naval academy, you're an intel lieutenant so thank you for your service to our country as well. you filed this lawsuit what do you hope to come from it?
6:33 am
>> well, i'm hoping for real justice, pete. its been a very long battle over four years since this illegal spying was happening, started during the obama-biden administration and it continued for over a year and after so many crimes have already been uncovered, by actually obama- appointee, mr. horowitz last december, this is just a clear, very clear-cut case, that justice needs to be restore restored. pete: absolutely so you've named the doj, fbi, comey, mccabe, fbi lawyer kevin klinesmith who plead guilty to falsifying e-mail and a lot of people from this clip from comey and mccabe who in retrospect now have changed their tune. take a listen to what they said recently. >> knowing then what you know now about all of the things that we've come to find would you
6:34 am
have still signed the warrant application against carter page? >> no i'd want a much more complete understanding. >> thank you very much. if you knew then what you know now, would you have signed the warrant application in june of 2017 against carter page? >> no, sir. pete: so they've already admitted, under oath, that they were wrong. what is their defense? >> well, i don't see any possible defense, pete. listen, and its been a big, long battle for so many people, even chairman graham who was askings questions. he's been fighting for the truth for over, for many years already with the graham memo and i know the nunes memo just uncovering this and now we have a very strong case put together and there is a lot more that needs to be uncovered and as president trump has been calling for many de classifications, and unfortunately, has not been
6:35 am
fully, his orders have not been fully executed as of yet, unfortunately. pete: carter your lawyers will likely get a chance to depots many of these people asking new questions, are you expecting new revelations based on things you know or will this largely be compiling information previously -known? >> it is absolutely going to be getting new information and listen, its been a long battle and i know your team at fox news has been really pushing and getting to the bottom of this with really serious investigations like maria bartiromo and other members of your team just digging and digging to try to get to the truth, and finally, i think this lawsuit is a way of taking a step in that direction. pete: carter what's the timeline for something like this? you've been, you know, you were surveilled for over a year and then you had to go through all of the public scrutiny, your name dragged through the newspapers everywhere until you had a chance to write your
6:36 am
story and now talk about it. what's the timeline for this? >> its been a very long timeline, pete, and i've largely done it all on my own. the lawsuit that was filed friday was filed by a team of basically in many cases soul practitioners, a couple of lawyers that have been trying to help me get justice, help our country get justice. we have the support of lynn woods fightback foundation, but these are very long term battles and unfortunately it crosses considerable money in terms of just basic court fees and all of the expenses related to that, so to the extent people can help, it's and i think it's going to be a very long battle ahead but i think one that's going to be extremely important for where our country needs to go. pete: to support
6:37 am
carter page's efforts. real quick in closing, you were the victim of being spied on for political purposes by administration, doj and fbi. do you believe the safeguards are in place to prevent that from happening to someone else in the future? >> i think the commentary by chairman graham and so many members of the senate judiciary committee about the need for serious reforms, we really don't have the full truth yet, pete, and unfortunately, as we were just discussing, it's going to be a long road ahead, so i think there's a lot more than needs to be done for sure. pete: well carter page thank you so much for choosing us to give your first interview about this lawsuit. good luck, keep us posted as you go through the process. >> thank you, pete. pete: thank you for your service absolutely, thank you. pete: let's toss it over to jed for headlines. jedediah: thanks, pete. the doctor of soccer legend dieg
6:38 am
o madarona is being formally charged with homicide. investigators reportedly raiding the doctor's home and office after it came to light he had a fight with a soccer star just days before his death. his family and attorney are demanding an investigation. he was 60 years old. >> and take a look at this , a driver crashing a ferrari on the chicago streets. authorities say it wiped out a long curve of rolling over before catching on fire. the driver and passenger were able to escape with only minor injuries and get this the ferrari was being rented for the weekend. no word on what caused the driver to lose control. >> melania trump could write a book about her time in the white house according to page 6 the first lady had several private meetings to discuss pen ning her own memoire this comes just weeks after reports claim the president could soon sign a $100 million book deal. the white house has not comment ed yet. and those are your headlines. will: wow. jedediah: a lot of cash guys that's a lot of cash.
6:39 am
pete: i can confirm that was not the size of my book deal. will: no? pete: hu-huh. jedediah: i was just going to say not as much as pete's but still good. will: you can catch pete's on fox nation. pete: that's right. will: modern warriors today. rick you'll be watching i'm sure rick: of course. of course. hey, how many more books do you have in you, pete? pete: i don't know. not any more in 2020 i'll tell you that. have you written a book, rick? you could write the history of fox & friends which be a heck of a read. rick: interesting no i could never right a book. that seems like the worst task ever i could never write a book. i'm so impressed by anybody who does it so, good on you, pete. all right, here you go here is your temps as you wake up this morning out across parts of the west obviously it's really cool 32 degrees right now if you're waking up in el paso, go out across parts of the east 35 in caribou, maine those differences don't happen all that often we have one storm
6:40 am
we're watching down across parts of the south and here you see that really heavy rain across areas of louisiana into arkansas, spreading in towards mississippi, alabama throughout the day, this just pulls off towards the east and then eventually mid-atlantic and northeast and out across the west where we had so much moisture in the pacific northwest take a look at completely high and dry and we'll stay that way for probably about the better part of the next five-to-six days in fact take a look at at what precipitation we get over the next seven days, take a lack at this nothing going on in the central part of the country, much of the west dry except a little bit of coastal rain in towards the pacific northwest and all of our action is out across areas of the east where we've got that white that is snow, areas of ohio down- stretched across parts of the central appalachians that's snow tomorrow into tuesday some of that accumulating maybe three or four inches guys back to you pete: that snow needs to make it over to california for the reindeer sleigh beer delivery. keeping an eye on that. still ahead, president trump
6:41 am
giving his first interview since the election to our very own maria bartiromo in about 20 minutes. she joins us, next, with a preview of what to expect. >> ♪ hooked on a feeling did you know you can go to to customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? really? i didn't-- aah! ok. i'm on vibrate. aaah! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ you don't want to miss. on november 30th, score online only deals like the 8 quart ninja foodi tender crisp, and save $100. let's end the year saving bigger. ♪
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will: coming up on "sunday morning futures", it is president donald trump speaking out in his first interview since the election. jedediah: here with a preview anchor of "sunday morning futures" maria bartiromo, maria welcome as always. so what can you tell us about this give us a sneak peak, if you will. maria: well, i can tell you that increasingly, we are hearing from not just trump supporters but from broadly the american people that there are questions
6:45 am
about irregularities in this election. president trump is going to talk to us about that and he is going to go through what his legal team is doing to pushback on the election results. now we did get some news over the weekend in pennsylvania. we are expecting the legal team of president trump to pushback on that and appeal to the supreme court. so we are going to go through all of the six challenged states right now. the trump legal team is challenging six states because of potential fraud and we are going to walk through it with the president. the president wants america to know that he is fighting this. he believes that there was fraud he says the facts are on his side, but time is not. he has the next several weeks to prove this with evidence and he is going to walk through that evidence with us. again, this is the president's first interview since the election. you know that there are a lot of questions about the election and we are going to get into it. there are also statistical
6:46 am
impossiblities is what some people are calling it when you look at the victory of joe biden given the fact that the president had the best outcome in terms of the black and hispanic vote. joe biden apparently getting 80 million votes more votes than anybody ever, even more than barack obama, we'll get into all of that and importantly the president will walk through a potential path to victory for president trump. that's coming up in 10 minutes time and it will be live with president trump. pete: we will be watching, congratulations, maria i'm going to ask you to tip your hand if you will. is there a question viewers are going to be looking forward to a big answer on? i know you're going state-by- state but is there something you're really itching to ask? maria: well there's also big tech pete. you know what big tech has been doing. i've got to tell you last night i posted on instagram i was having president trump on in this exclusive interview this morning. one of my girlfriends tried to forward that and she was not able to.
6:47 am
instagram would not let her forward the promotion that i was having president trump on this morning on instagram, so we talk a lot about twitter, and we talk a lot about the censorship going on, we will take a look and zero in how much of an influence big tech had in this election, get president trump's comments on that as well will: maria i have almost no time but my quick question is how much time do you have? it's always a big question how much time do you get with the president how long will he be with you this morning? maria: well the president is going to be the bulk of the program. i will say this , we are leading the program with senator kelly loeffler that is the only other race that matters right now the woman at the center of it so we'll lead the show with kelly loeffler and then talk with president trump and then at the end of the show ken starr to get his outside analysis on that path to victory the president talks about. pete: thank you, maria. will: good luck today. up next the nfl taking a hit as covid-19 cases spread among
6:48 am
teens. fox sports chris meyers is here with the latest and breaks down the must-watch games airing on fox today. >> ♪ ♪
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will: covid-19 is rattling the nfl, leaving some teams without quarterbacks and others without homes. the league now prohibiting all in-person team activities on monday and tuesday with the exception of a few games scheduled for those days joining us now is fox sports host and play-by-play announcer chris
6:52 am
myers chris thanks for being with us i heard you might be having a little bit of audio trouble but we'll work through it. let me ask you about the broncos and i'll ask you two-fold what are they going to do with quarter back because apparently everybody is out and why didn't the nfl postpone this game they've shown a willingness to do so postpone games when there's been covid sicknesses on a certain team. >> well the second part of that question is that the nfl, they're checking to see what the cause, whether it was contact tracing somebody didn't have their tracer with them sometimes that sets off an alarm so until they discover that and if it was something not intentional but let's just say not following the protocols, that's different than if somebody just got hit from the outside so to speak, but as far as whose going to play quarterback, yes, something like this has never happened before obviously this is 2020 but they are going to go at least the plan is wide receiver he's a rookie kendall hinton and he was receiver through the broncos team, but in college he did play
6:53 am
some quarterback, and he hasn't really thrown a pass in a couple of years and i think he was 0 for 5 the season he got in and also have roy streaman backup running back to take snaps at that position, and of course the broncos playing a very good team in the saints who are the top seed in the nfc, so their head coach very defensive- minded that's how the broncos try to win the game if they have any chance under these unusual circumstances. will: and that game is on fox later today the broncos and the saints. i brought up postponement the ravens game has been postponed after 18 players tested positive but the other game i want to ask you about is another fox game and that's nin ers at rams so santa clara county said no contact sports in that county that starts i think later this week. what do the niners do going forward, chris? >> well when the year started because its been so crazy every team had a contingency plan as did the nfl with scheduling, rescheduling, moving things around if they had to, so every team has a backup so to speak, stadium place to play, place to
6:54 am
workout, so the two in the discussion for the 49ers and nothing official, but going to texas the dallas area there or the phoenix area, being able to use those facilities making sure that their schedule does not conflict with the schedule of those teams which be the cardinals and obviously the cowboys so they do have a backup plan in place and they do have at least two home games the 49ers do during this time, that there's three week santa clara edict is in place. will: the san francisco 49ers live from phoenix or dallas that'll be interesting so okay chris the fox bet super six is still on what can you tell us about that? >> well you have a chance to win money, and the super six has already given away over $3 million including they had 1 million last sunday, and some people had to divide it up and see there could be more than one winner and still time for people to get a chance at $100,000, download the free fox super 6 app and pick the outcomes of six games today for a shot at terry
6:55 am
bradshaw's cash always good to watch football and win some money so good luck on that. will: all right, hope we have the same luck we did with your audio no problems chris and great information regarding those teams. >> we hear you loud and clear. will: thanks, chris. more "fox & friends" coming up just moments away. >> ♪ ♪ still your best friend. and now your co-pilot. still a father. but now a friend. still an electric car. just more electrifying. still a night out. but everything fits in. still hard work. just a little easier.
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6:59 am to get 20% off statewide. you guys flipped today. pete: we swapped it out. cool stuff, will calls this a dad hat. will: well when they don't have shape on top. pete: then they're a dad hat? ornaments, and look i can toss it to will. oh, that was a bad toss you couldn't see it not going to break. will: um but i caught it don't worry, we got winter gear even though it's a hawaiian christmas song it is cold in most places so these can come in handy. pete: my son likes to play these while playing basketball and we got mug, real muggs this one is remember mitt romney's fake twitter feed, not for sale, you can't have it, but just great stuff. jedediah: i'm trying to figure out which way i like it better, with you in the winter, i'm going to need a minton this one maybe the audience can help me out i don't know. i'll need a minute.
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pete: for you at home this is us buying time. this is us buying time because -- will: i don't know if this surprises you that pete's head is bigger than mine. pete: no. we're glad you guys are with us this morning. will: maria has president trump in about 3-2-1 -- maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to "sunday morning futures." i'm maria bartiromo. today, the president makes his case. coming up my exclusive interview with president trump in his first interview since election day 2020. the president is contesting the results because of what he calls massive fraud. the president will tell us where his legal team stands now, on his fight for a free and fair election. >> plus the only other race that matters right now and the woman at the center of it, senator kelly loeffler is here ahead of the january 5 runoff race in georgia plus independent analysis from outside legal


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